Friday, April 29, 2011

Photos of the Latest

Did you see any of the royal wedding today? The ladies at the Irvine store decided to dress up for the occasion.

It's a Cinch Crop on an actual person. I can't say I am a fan of how these look but I think she has the waistband folded down.

Pink Mist CRB shown with the Pink Mist Inspire Crops.

Mudra Pant in the Heathered Blurred Gray. I think these would hit at an awkward spot on me.

Love the color combo of the Grapeseed Pure Focus Tank with the Heathered Blurred Gray Mudra Pants.

Your Best Breath Wrap in Coal shown with an Aurba No Limit Tank.

If you haven't bought an Energy Bra for yourself, I think you should. This has become my favorite Lululemon bra to wear by itself for daily wear or for low and moderate impact activities at the gym. I also love to layer it under tanks for more support. I've used it under a Power Y and Power Dance Tank. I find it a bit looser in the band than the All Sport and nearly as supportive. It also gives a better shape than the All Sport. It's more supportive and much more comfortable than the 50 Rep. I hope this becomes a core item. I am thinking of replacing my Flow Ys and 50 Rep with more Energy bras. Lululemon also has to come out with more scoop-backed tanks in both technical fabrics and Vitasea to show this baby off.

I have to give a shout out of love for my Biker Groove shorts. Ever since I discovered pinholes in the crotch of my luxtreme crops due to wear and tear from the spin bike saddle I've switched back to luon. On warm days I wear my Biker Groove shorts. These are just fantastic for spinning. They are on the long side so they ride up a couple of inches above these knee when you are on the bike and then stay put. The fit is the typical Groove crop/short fit - the waistband doesn't cut your tummy in front and doesn't expose you in the back. They are just fantastic long shorts. I need to get a second pair.


Anonymous said...

Wow, LuluAddict, I couldn't agree with you more! The Energy Bra is an awesome piece and I have it in Grapeseed, Black and Citron. It should be a core item and offered in lots and lots of colours, and I'd buy them all! Ditto Biker Groove Shorts!!!!!! They're absolutely perfect for Boot Camp and running too. Would love to see them in heathered grey and coal.

BTW, sales on the CDN site are much slower than they were before the changeover...are you seeing the same thing on the US side?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you too, luluaddict! 100% The energy bra is my favorite new bra. Looks fabulous, fits and functions exquisitely. I gravitate towards my cool racerbacks for most workouts, so would be thrilled to see a scoop back version to show off the amazing energy bra!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to love both of these items so much but wasn't able to. I'm a 32DD and the band gaped so much in the front and back, it didn't even rest against my skin. I have a harder time with lulu bras bc I can't get the coverage I need while fitting my ribcage properly. I spin and road bike so I was hopeful on the shorts......just too long for my liking(or body shape). I also didn't care for how it narrowed quite a bit at the hemline. I spin in the reverse groove short-my favorite all sport short. :).

Anonymous said...

Tried on the Cinch Crops today. It is not TTS, need to go down a size. I still do not like the fit tough. The pants version from a couple of years ago were so cute fitting. Not these! These are just like a sloppy Groove Crops.