Monday, April 18, 2011

Photos of the Latest Arrivals - Backbend Crop, Bandhas Crop, Mind Over Matter Jacket and More

Lots of new things hitting the stores today...

New Backbend crops and White Pure Focus Tank. The white pure focus is rather naughty looking here. I'll have to find more photos to see if it is actually see through or just gives that appearance.

New Bandhas Crop, Tango Red Define, Tango Red and Grapeseed Scubas.

New Mind Over Matter Jacket - wow, I hope this one isn't too expensive since a large portion is made of mesh. I have no desire at all to get this. It also comes in black.

Tango Red and Blurred Gray Define Jackets. Shown with pinstripe Speed shorts and Black Seabed Turbo Shorts.

Close Up of the Turbo shorts in Black Seabed.

Speed Skirt in Grapeseed Seabed print.

Dance Studio Crops in white - they are lined.

 Dance Studio pants in white shown with the new Define colors.

New Pure Focus in what looks like Coal.

Heathered Sand Dune Define with the Wee Stripe logo insert.

Pure Focus Tank in Grapeseed

New Pure Focus Tank in white, Tinted Canvas Print/Coal, and Grapeseed

Hot Hot Short shown with the White Pure Focus Tank

Pink Mist Scoop Neck with white Dance Studio Crops

Scoop Neck in Solid Dahlia. - I wonder if this is one the new Canadian made Scoop Necks that are showing up in the stores lately. Dahlia is an older color. I am wondering if lululemon is using up old bolts of luon fabric.

V-neck Swiftly tees in Tango Red and Grapeseed

Speed shorts in Grapeseed Seabed print

Sing Floss Travel Jackets


Caro said...

Loving the grapeseed seabed items! Also crossing my fingers that the Turbo shorts will be the same length as the Groovy Runs

Glow said...

I must have one of those v-neck Swiftlys! Probably grapeseed, even though I already have two purple Swiftly tees (lilac and power purple). Also debating between getting the black seabed Turbo Shorts and the grapeseed seabed Speed Shorts!

Ronda said...

Just got the v-neck swiftly, awesome! The speed short's sizing was weird. Have worn a 4 for years and could barely squeeze in them in the grapeseed seabed color. The 6 was just too big, so bummed.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between this jacket and the Wear with All other than the zipper? Is it shorter?

Nicole said...

Oops I left the comment on the wrong thread. I'm obsessed with v-neck swiftly tees. NEED one!!