Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Items - Heathered Coal Wee Stripe CRB, Quited Wunder Unders

Heathered Coal Wee Stripe (HCWE) is back. Did this come out in a CRB last time? I can't remember. I bought the Power Y in it but I don't remember it in a CRB. Since I already have three HCWE tops this will be a pass for me.

I forgot to mention that I saw the Coal Strata Stripe Stride jacket in the stores yesterday. I think this is old stock but I can't be sure if they are re-releasing this pattern.

Wunder Under Grooves - Summer Quilt 1


Zanna said...

The HWCE wasn't out in a CRB but it came out in a Scoop Neck with Coal Neck Strap. Also in Bellevue store PA there will be a CRB in Black Citron Tinted Canvas.,%202011

Megan said...

yessss love the wunder grooves!! best waistband ever!

Anonymous said...

those are wunder unders - not wunder grooves or 'wunder under grooves' - no?

Scoopy said...

Coal Strata In-Strides are still in Beverly Hills and last I checked, Brentwood CA.