Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Color Comparisons

Reader, Lauren, has a colorful Lululemon collection and took some photos for us to help highlight the differences between colors. Thanks, Lauren!

From Left to Right: Lime CRB, Faded Zap CRB, Rubber Ducky CRB, Chirp Pima Tee (cotton)

(L to R) Little Boy Blue CRB, lululemon lab circle scarf in circle mesh (not sure of color), Snorkle Blue Run: Resolution LS top

Lime CRB on the left, Alfalfa Run: technical tank on the right

Left to Right: Oasis Stride Jacket, Lagoon Pima cotton tee, Teal Zeal cuddle up jacket, Aruba/caribe Circuit tech tank, savage green pima cotton tee

 Royal CRB on left, Wish Blue/Multi Poncho Stripe Push UR Limits on right

Left to Right: Angel Blue CRB, Aruba/Caribe Circuit Tech Tank (silverescent), RiverRock CRB


Anonymous said...

So basically, evidence of how they have barely deviated at ALL by way of colours in the past year and a half.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lauren! Great collection! This is really helpful =)

Anonymous said...

Love color compares! Just a note to say that the top photo (yellows) and bottom photo (angel blue et al.) appear to run dark because those colors are much brighter, lighter in real life. Still helpful to see the gradations from one tone to the next.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:11, yes - exactly. i realize there are only so many basic colors on the wheel, but how about patterns. smh...