Monday, January 31, 2011

My Old Review of the Hot Class Tank from January 2010

I dug up my old review of the Hot Class tank:

I also tried on the Hot Class tank. I had to go down a size since I believe the initial release is only up to a 10 but I liked how it felt, which was pretty much like you weren't wearing anything from waist down. I thought this tank is a vast improvement over the Bulerias - the top part accommodates bustier ladies better and the bottom part did not poof out. I really liked the feel of the luon sheer jersey - lightweight and silky. The only negative I thought was that the straps were too stretchy and not adjustable. Very low support. I'm hoping they have a second release that includes the 12s. I'd buy one to wear at home on hot days.

Hot Class Tank Features:
- Sweat it out in this low support how yoga tank
- Made with quick drying Power Luxtreme provides inherent wicking abilities, keeping you drying and comfortable
- Luon Sheer Jersey body is lightweight and flows with you during your practice
- Bra elastic adds support without restricting
- Side drawcords gather for personalized length and ventilation
- Mesh bra construction with built in pockets for removable cups

Hmmm, I'll have to try the Hot Class Tank on again and refresh my memory about it.

NEW! SE Ruffled CRB, SE Ruffled Wunder Unders, Raw Blue Still Pants, Hot Class Tank and Shorts

I saw these Wunder Unders this weekend at the Newport store. They are cute. I don't know about the SE CRB. I don't think it will hide my bra straps under it. In the top photo, she has a Rubber Ducky CRB under the black one.

I'm always interested to see how horizontal stripes look on a bustier figure

The Coal Strata Stripe Scoop Neck Tank has hit North America.

New Raw Blue Still Pants. I hope this luon feels better than the black luon - luon does feel a bit different in different colors. I'll give these a try and let you guys know.

 Coal Strata Stripe CRB and Matching Grooves

Hot Class Tank and Matching Hot Class Shorts

These were identified as silverscent Hot Class shorts so I wonder if they are made of silver luon or something else

More Photos of Ikat Scuba, Margarita Power Y, and Hot Class Tank

Maragarita Shale Stripe Power Y

Aruba/Gray Hot Class Tank - The tank looks good on her but not with those pants.

Coal Strata Stripe CRB - Also coming in a Power Y and Scoop Neck Tank Versions

Ikat Scuba
These photos are from Canada. I haven't heard of any of these tops hitting the US yet. Let us know if you see them in your local stores here in the US.

NEW! Ikat Scuba

I kind of like it but I wish it had been paired with black instead of ivory/white. I can't imagine I'd keep those white cuffs clean for very long.

NEW! Margarita Strata Stripe Power Y & Ikat Scuba Rumor

The new colors are starting to arrive in North America. This photo was posted by a Canadian store. It looks like Margarita is not too bright after all. I hope the Margarita Strata Stripe shows up in some other tanks because the Power Y is not one of my favorites. I like it for around the house or streetwear in the summer but I have to double up support to wear to the gym and it gets really constrictive that way. I wish they'd put an adjustable bra in the Power Y.

I just saw a post on the Lulu FB site about a possible Ikat Scuba. I don't think I would get one unless they do some sort of negative image Ikat with blacks and grays. I would love that. As soon as I find more I will update.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Speaking of Deep Vs: Rockin' It Old School Today - Deep V Quilt and Yoga Pant

Today I dug out some oldies but goodies to wear to the gym. The top is the Deep V quilt. I haven't worn this in ages but it is really one of the original Deep V styles (the original didn't have a mesh back or a quilted band of color under the breast). The front shows even more cleavage than an Athletic Deep V and the armpits are cut a bit higher. (That is one of my peeves with the Athletic Deep V). The back is a regular racerback. I know the Athletic Deep V replaced but regular Deep V but I kind of prefer the regular Deep V, especially when it comes to bras.  The pants are the Yoga pant and one of the more flattering cuts (generous cut leg and flare at the bottom), I think, Lululemon ever came out with. Both pieces are probably about four years old. I would love to see the Yoga pants come back.

More Photos from Australia & Rumors

Close up of Coal Strata Stripe Wunder Unders

Close Up of the Coal Strata Stripe Define

Close Up of the Pace Setter Skirt

New No Show Running Sock

Rumors The Lulumum blog has a post today that says she is hearing rumors that the Gratitude Wrap and Deep V are making a comeback.  I did read a blurb on one of the store FB sites about the Gratitude Wrap so I think that one is true. However, I haven't heard/read anything about the Deep V. (Hmmm, just read an anonymous comment on the Superficial Endeavors blog about the Athletic Deep V making a comeback in the spring.) Lulumum lives in Vancouver so maybe she is more at the epicenter of things and gets better gossip than we do. It would be great if the Deep V did make a comeback. I would love if the bras came back, too. I wouldn't mind if they brought back the Repose Tank, too.

Purple Crush Scoop Neck Tank - Try On Review

I think the purple crush Scoop Neck is one of the prettiest Scoop Necks to come out in awhile. I love the darker accent seaming. I'm going to have to be on the lookout for versions that come with darker seaming because it really seemed to flatter my shape much more than a regular Scoop Neck. I'm not normally a huge Scoop Neck fan, they just don't do much for me, with the exception of this tank. The heathered purple crush luon was very soft (felt like thick running luon or brushed luon) and has a good deal of polyester content, something like 46%. However, the luon felt kind of thick and hot so I ended up not getting it. I am getting back into weight lifting and doing other cardio besides spin so I can wear my "warmer" regular weight luon items in the cooler big open area of my gym but the this tank felt even warmer than regular weight luon. If this hit the markdown rack in my size, I might get one but I passed on it today. I really like it though. Every person I have a photo of wearing it looks super cute.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

FYI - Difference in Length Between Regular and Tall on the Speed Skirts

FYI - The difference in the length between the regular and the tall Speed Skirt is 1". The GEC just posted the regular is 11" long and the tall is 12" long.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Australian Heads Up - Photos of Coal Strata Stripe Define, Wunder Unders, Hot Class Tanks and More

The new Coal Strata Stripe Wunder Unders - crazy (shown with Flush In In Stride)

This photo isn't all the exciting, except for the Coal Strata Stripe Define hanging on the left side. I am liking it!

There is a new Special Edition Wunder Under coming with gathered Sheer Luon up the sides.

Coal and Purple Crush Hot Class Tank shown with the SE Wunder Unders

An Aruba and Coal (?) Hot Class Tank

This photo isn't that exciting unless you are a fan of Passion crops (hanging on the bottom). I am hoping those are new colors in the Passion crop and will be coming our way.

Hot Class Tanks and the matching Hot Class Shorts

Ugh, Personal Best Singlets coming in lots of colors. Yipee. Bring back the I Just Wanna Run and Energy SLs, please. Those had some style. These are pathetic. (If you are new to Lululemon you probably think these are just fine but the tech tops they used to design leave these in the dust.)

New Run: Pace Setter Skirt

Pace Setter Skirt

Another top I think is incredibly average looking (get rid of the static accents already) - The Revitalize Tech coming in more colors. Yay.

Flesh, Flush, whatever.
The Yorkdale store posted these to give us a heads up on the upcoming colors. I like Margarita provided it won't be too bright. Lagoon is back again. Did we really have time to miss it?.Anywho, I sure hope we see some new tank designs in the new colors. There are only so many Push UR Limits and CRBs I can wear. I'd also love some new silverescent tops and singlet designs.

What is the Relationship Between Tuff Athletics and Lululemon? Ripoff or Joint Venture?

I've been seeing a lot of this logo in my gym and around lately and finally tracked it down at Costco today.

It turns out it's a brand of athletic clothing called Tuff Athletics. Although the tag says it's a USA company, when I googled it, the trademark was registered to Cascadia Fashion Resources out of Burnaby, British Columbia. Hmmmm. Very coincidental location.

The construction details are nearly identical to Lululemon. Here are some photos of the jacket:

Hair Tie On the Zipper - A Signature (I thouht) Lululemon Design Feature

Cuffins and Thumbholes - Two of my favorite features on my Define Jackets

Ipod Cord Tunnel - pretty nice feature on a $23 jacket. There was also a loop to thread the headphone wire through.

Here is a comparison of the stitching - both are flat seamed. The bottom is the Tuff brand, the top is a pair of my Groovin Crop Tie crops. The Tuff looks fairly well constructed.

It's even offered in similar colors - The Coal Tuff crops are laid on top of my Coal Still pants. Pretty close.

The color choices of Tuff crops available at my Costco today - looks like recent Lulu to me.

Here is a comparison of a pair of Tuff crops with purple waistband and my Power Purple/Lolo Purple Groove shorts.

I can't tell you how peeved I was to see this today. I bought a pair of crops to take home and try out. The design details, construction, colors, and fabric content are total clones of Lululemon. The Tuff crops are identical to Lululemon Reverse Groove crops. The seams are in the same place and there is an inner pocket in the waistband in the same place. Both are flat seamed and the stitching is identical. The only difference is that there is no gusset in the Tuff version. They are also not reversible. When you feel the fabric, it feels a lot like luon. However, when you put them on there are obvious differences. The material is much stiffer and much less stretchy. These crops did not fit me nearly as well as my own Groove crops (nor even the newer Lululemon ones with the new luon). That's a very good thing because I'd be peeved if Costco is selling crops nearly as nice as Lululemon's for $17. I also read on line that the Tuff fabric tends to hold odor. I also read a blurb on a discussion board from a woman who lived in Vancouver who said the rumor around town was that Tuff and Lulu were made in the same factory. (Any Vancouver readers want to confirm or deny?) Her comment was from 2008 so things might have changed now but I am curious as to why Lululemon isn't protecting their distinctive look and design features more unless they are silent partners with Tuff. Tuff has a Facebook site, too. Check out these photos of Tuff designs, all eerily reminiscent of Lululemon:

That fabric looks suspiciously Space Dye-ish or Static-ish.

This tank looks very similar to Lululemon's Movement Tank:

They even offer hoodies.

Here is a link to the Canadian Costco magazine article about Tuff Athletics.