Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Color Palette?

More hints from Australia. A couple of my product alerts are mentioning new colors like: Beachy Green, Aruba (not brand new), Purple Crush, Concord Grape, and Concord Grape Itak. None of them offer current photos unfortunately. I think Lululemon is wise to us bloggers getting a heads up from the Aussie product alerts and have put the kibosh on using the real photos. However, I will try and find out more. If any of you Aussie readers spot these in a store and would like to send an email, we'd love to see the new colors. My email address is

Sneak Upload - Black and White Happy Heat Tank

I think Lululemon just snuck this on the website tonight. I thought I would like it more but it reminds me a bit of a tuxedo or a penguin. I might try it on once it hits the store.

Try On Report - Outward Bound Jacket - Really Nice Plus Sale Report & More.

I tried on the Outward Bound Jacket today and really, really liked it. I probably would have gotten it if it were about $50 cheaper. I just couldn't bring myself to spend all my gift certificate money on one jacket. I thought it fit very nice all over - arms, shoulders, hips - and gives a slenderizing silhouette unlike in the Hustle Jacket. I like that it looks a bit like a blingy ski jacket. I thought the black was slightly roomier in the arms but that could have just been at my store and in my size. The jacket is just long enough to cover your rear in the back which I like. There are drawcords in the pocket to cinch it tighter at the bottom. It felt toasty warm and I was so tempted to get it because we are headed into a cold snap here in Southern California. However, I would probably only get a few weeks wear out of it every year and the rest of the time it would sit in my closet. For $188 I would want to show it off year round. My one peeve with this jacket is that at this price point it should have a stowable hood. Not the thick hood that puffs up and distorts the collar like in the Hustle Jacket but something you could pull out just in case the weather turned on you. All in all, a really nice jacket.

I tried on the new special edition CRB but did not care for the weird back at all. On the other hand, I do like microstripe Snorkel Blue better than regular snorkel blue.

I ended up getting a Define Jacket in Passion today. I was in the mood to buy a bold colored jacket and I spent a lot of time looking at new jackets. I tried on the Sailor Stripe Define which is super pretty but I thought a bit too bold for me. I also tried on the Sailor Stripe Stride but the store didn't have my size and I'm just not a fan of the hood covering up the back. When the right color combo hits I think I will end up getting a Stride some day, though. I also tried on the Faded Zap Define which my kids liked best but they're only 7 and 9 so their opinion doesn't really count. I tried on several black Define jackets but just couldn't pull the trigger on a boring solid black jacket. I prefer my black jackets to have something special like embossing or other details to make them stand out. I ended up getting the Passion Define and deciding I liked it in the jacket form because I can leave the zip down and not have the color come right up under my chin. I colored my hair the other day so it's darker than it was when I tried on the Passion Resolution long sleeve and Passion definitely looks better with darker hair (or great with blonde hair but it washed me out with my previous light brown color). I really wanted a matching tank to get with the jacket but the only ones the store had were the microstripe Power Y, the microstripe SE CRB, and the passion Inner Awareness, all I like a lot but not love. I know there is a Passion Push UR Limits coming but I don't know if I will get it. However, it turns out that I had a bunch of matching tops already in my closet. I have been hanging on to my print tanks and I have a handful in peach,persimmon, and alarming. They all go really nicely with this jacket.

Sales - I went to both the Newport and Irvine stores today. The Newport Beach store had a bunch of tempting stuff on the markdown racks in my size - Still shorts in Coal, STCH, and Black for $39, Astro crops in STCH for $39, the coal black roses print tee was $34 (this may have just been in the 12), Coal Still pants for $59, STCH Knock Out Shorts for $29, Everywhere Bags in Very Violet and Teal Zeal for $49. They also had a bunch of Astro and all the Belt It Out pants for $79. They also had three Persimmon Dash Pullovers for $69 in size twelve (didn't really check the other sizes too much except four for my sister/niece). They had some older colored Swiftly tees for $44. The Challenge tanks were marked down to $44 in all sizes. If you are looking for some deals you might want to check out the Newport Store. The Irvine store didn't have nearly as much and seemed to be remainders of what they had marked down right after Christmas.

What Color is Passion?

It is hard to find a photo that really captures what Passion looks like in real life correctly. To me, it's an more of a coral pink, tending to the orange side. To my husband, it's a dark peach color. I think the passion Knock Out shorts capture it pretty well. Here are a few more pictures trying to capture it:

I actually ended up getting the new Passion Define Jacket today (more in another post) and all my older tanks that had keen peach, persimmon, and alarming/torrid in them went best with the jacket so it definitely is more orange than pink.
This tank looked awesome with the Passion Define
My Persimmon Stripe Flow Y looked really nice with the Passion Define, too
This Deep V with Alarming looked

Australian Heads Up - Coal Strata Stripe Scoop Neck

Scoop Neck Tank shown in an Australian product alert
It looks like there will be a scoop neck tank similar to the coal poncho stripe Speed Shorts. The pattern of the Scoop Neck Tank was identified as Coal Strata Stripe. This pattern looks interesting. I hope other tank styles come in this fabric.

Coal Poncho Stripe Speed Shorts

For some good news, the dip dye modern racers have hit the US. I got a product alert from a Southern California store that has them.
Dip Dye Modern Racer

Today's Upload - No Surprises

Outward Bound Jacket
There were no surprises in today's upload so my gift card is safe for now. However, I may take a trip to the store this afternoon.  The Outward Bound jacket is very cute but pricey at $188. I want to try this one on, though. I do have some gift card money but don't know if I want to blow it all on one jacket when I could buy almost two regular luon ones or four tanks. It would be nice to wear in this chilly weather, though.

Yay! The newest Yogi Dance Jackets now goes up to a 12. Thank you, Lululemon! I don't get the decision to stop some of the jackets at a 10, especially when some women need to size up to accommodate large chests.

The new Push UR Limits with the microstripe straps did not show up today. However, the Power Purple and Black ones are in the store so you can probably order them through the GEC. I'll assume they will be in next week's upload.
Did you guys order anything today?