Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tonight's Shopping Trip - Liking the new SE Ruffled CRB & Black Microstripe Push UR Limits

Tonight we took a family trip down to Carlsbad and I visited the Lululemon there. I tried on the new special edition large ruffle CRB. I really liked it. I thought it looked very cute from the back and made my waist look thinner. The ruffles also shift the focus up and off your behind. The ruffles don't cover the full width of your back, i.e.,go all the way to the side seam, so you can't see them from the front. Also, they form an inverted triangle so the bottom row of  ruffles is wider than the top row. I thought this CRB fit a little snugger than a regular CRB. It was also a good inch to inch and a half shorter than a regular CRB and it hit me in a similar spot to the web model photo above (I'm 5' 5"). The power mesh ruffles are very lightweight so you don't really notice them too much as you move, unlike in the Hustle tank where you feel the weight and movement of the ruffles. All in all this is a very cute, unique workout top and I was very tempted to get it. However, I find the CRBs a bit too warm for spin class and I just didn't think I would wear this very much to the gym. I think it would make a cute top for street wear except it has the big ole logo in the middle of the shoulder blades and I'd prefer a subtler logo for clothes I wear outside the gym. I wouldn't mind if it had the logo down near the hem or under the arm like on some of the dance tops. If you do Zumba class or a similar workout I think this top would be great.

I ended up buying the new black with black microstripe Push UR Limits which I know I will get a lot of use out of. I am a sucker for tanks with a black and white scheme and this gives me the camouflage of a black top but the striped straps prevent it from being a total ninja look.  I didn't see either of these tops at the Irvine store today.

Website Error - Run: Ambition Pullover is Brushed Power Luxtreme Not Running Luon

FYI - The new Run: Ambition Pullover is made of brushed Power Luxtreme not Running Luon as the website says. The website has the information for the Resolution Pullover on the Ambition Pullover page.

More Photos of the New Running Tops

 Outward Bound Jackets in Wish - I don't know if SoCal is getting this one

 New Resolution Pullover and flirty Resolution Skirt - the skirt is selling quick on the website

The Faded Zap Define is cute with a Passion tank underneath - shown with the static Passion Hustle Tank

 Snorkel Resolution Pullover (the color is weird in this photo)

I need to find a photo of a busty woman in the Ambition Pullover

Resolution LS and Ambition Pullover (show with the Resolution skirt)

Boxing Day Insanity!

The Masonville Lululemon store posted a photo of the line to get in. This is insane! The deals are not that great unless the Canadian stores have better deals (and it better be a bunch of $19 tanks!) than the US or the websites. I went to the Irvine store around 9:30 this morning and there were less than a dozen or so people in the store. I'm sure it will be busy later but this does not look fun at all.

Try On Review - Resolution LS, Resolution Pullover, and Ambition Pullover

Passion looks too pink in the web photo
This is what Passion looks like in real life.
I came very close to getting the white Resolution Long Sleeve. If I didn't already have four running luon tops I would have gotten it. I really like the simple design and flattering, curve hugging fit. I thought it fit a bit on the loose side, maybe about half a size larger than TTS. It was definitely a looser fit than the Dash LS. The store only had my size in the white. I tried on the other colors in the next size down and it fit only a bit snugger than the Dash LS so this is definitely a roomier top, particularly through the waist. The Passion looks more orange in real life and less pink than it does in the web photo above. Passion just doesn't look that good on me so I was reminded again why I don't have any Passion tanks. The photo on the website makes this top look more like Fruity Tootie pink than Passion. I tried on the black/static black two-tone top but I don't care for the lighter panels to be along the side. That is reverse-shading that I think makes you look wider rather than narrower. If this top came in a solid coal or other darker, muted tone I probably would have gotten it. The white held me back for a few reasons: One, the fabric did nothing to hide headlights so I'd have to use cookies in my bra. Also, I was wearing a flesh colored bra so if I had a white bra you could definitely see it. Two, I am afraid of yellowing under the armpits.  And three, I know I will most likely stain this top by dribbling something on it because I like to wear my Luluemon all day long. In the end, I decided to save my Christmas money for some new tanks.

I tried the Resolution Pullover on in the Static Gray. This top has a lot going on - static or microstripe fabric, decorative seams all over the place, circle mesh panels, hoods, ruching in the front and back, kangaroo pocket, blingy zippers. It just seemed like too much. I thought the top fit TTS but snug through the upper arms and shoulders and if you have a booty the back puckering looks a bit weird. I like to wear my pullovers unzipped but this one looks awful that way. The ruching at the neck and the low yoke is just not that attractive a look. This was an easy pass for me.

I also tried on the Ambition Pullover. I thought this one fit true to size but a bit snug in the shoulders, upper arms and chest, too.  If you have a big chest this top won't look nearly as nice as it does on the model so size up. This one looks best if you cinch up the neckline when the hood is down otherwise the neck is kind of ugly. However, I just can't see running (or even walking) with those ties swinging around bouncing on your chest. I would think it would be extremely annoying. This was another easy pass.

New Running Pullovers and Colors on the Website Plus Lots of Loot!

Lots of new Loot and the new Running Pullovers and other new items were uploaded this morning! Get over there and get shopping!

I'm still shopping and looking at what is new but this baby may be calling my name.

There are some pretty good deals on Loot, particularly in pants if you are in the market for running crops. I think I might head out to the stores to see what is on their racks. Tell us what you got and if you go to a store what is on markdown.