Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sailor Stripe Define and Power Y on the Website

The Sailor Stripe Power Y and Define Jacket were uploaded today, in addition to a few other things. Lululemon is sneaking in a few new things each day so keep checking the website to see what shows up. I know I am getting at least one gift card for Xmas so I am trying not to order anything quite yet. I like the Sailor Stripe Power Y from the photos but I think this is one I have to try on to see how I like the stripes on me. I can't say I really want to be shopping much now - all the roads and stores are so busy it's a major chore to be out and about.

I got a product alert that had new long sleeve Swiftly tops in Snorkel Blue and Passion so we know those are coming in the "new" colors.

Photo of the New Run: Resolution Pullovers

Photos of the new running tops are hard to come by. I am dying to see the back of these new tops.

Recalled Shoppers - How Many Do You Have? Will You Get A Replacement?

Lululemon says they will replace your recalled shopping tote with another one. I just took inventory on my bag collection (I keep every one) and have far fewer recalled bags than I thought I would. I have five messenger style totes (two big, three small), one large tote, and eight small totes. Will they really give me a replacement bag for fourteen bags? I really don't care about the small bags because I have tons of those but the larger bags come in handy and I use them all the time. Will I get a big tote for a messenger bag? Let me know if you go to the store to get replacements. I don't think I will be going for a few days yet but you never know.