Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lululemon Shopper Bag Recall Because of Lead Concerns (UPDATED!)

Lululemon is recalling the Ambassador Shopper some of their shopping bags due to a concern about potential lead content. There is a letter on the website regarding the recall. These bags were only available in Canada so US consumers don't have to worry. I swear there weren't any US issued bags listed yesterday but the messenger style bags and the snap top red manifesto bags (I have tons of those!) are also recalled. I thought it was weird that I got the new super hero shopper yesterday for buying a $15 running hat. I got one awhile ago when they first came out and haven't gotten one since.

US recalled bags:

Here is an interesting article in the Montreal Gazette regarding elevated lead content in the Lululemon reusable shopping bags.  There is a part of the article that is rather disturbing because I have reusable shoppers from a few different stores:

"The Florida Tampa Tribune sparked calls for a federal investigation earlier this year after the newspaper tested similar reusable bags, some of which had lead levels that exceeded U.S. limits for paint. The more elaborate the pictures on the bag, the higher level of toxicity, the newspaper discovered."

Today's Shopping Trip and Photos of the Newest Microstripe Stuff

Today I went shopping to try on the new black microstripe CRB and see if the store had the new Ambition and Resolution Pullovers. The store didn't have the new pullovers but they had the new microstripe CRB, Power Y, and Scoop Neck tanks in addition to the Sailor Stripe jackets. I didn't like the black microstripe CRB on me as much as I thought I would. This summer I bought three tanks in the heathered coal wee stripe pattern so I thought I would love the black microstripe a lot, too, but thankfully for my wallet that wasn't the case. I might have liked it more if it had been edged in black. Also, the luon light in the microstripe felt thicker and stiffer than regular light luon and definitely not as soft as the heathered power purple mutistripe version. I find the CRBs a bit warm to work out in normally so having a heavier version won't work for me.The CRB also felt a tiny bit snugger than a normal solid colored CRB. I think the weave may not be as stretchy as regular light luon. I also tried on the microstripe Power Y which I liked better on me but I didn't feel the lust to own it so I was able to resist. I see from my product alerts that there is also a new black microstripe Push UR Limits but I didn't see it. I saw the new Sailor Stripe Define jacket but all the zippers are that small toothed shiny silver zipper so I didn't try it on. I think the pattern is a bit overwhelming for me anyway. Like many of you have reported, the sales girls told me they will have all the new colors on December 26th so I'll go back then to see the new pullovers.

I am liking this Push UR Limits

Black Microstripe Power Y

I wish the store had this to try on.