Friday, December 17, 2010

Why Isn't the US Getting the Boobs on a Wire Bra?

Anyone have any inside connections at Lululemon and can tell us why we haven't gotten the Boobs on a Wire bra yet? It's been almost four months since it first came out and we still don't have it. What gives?

Challenge Tank - First Wearing Report

I wore my new Challenge Tank to spin class this morning with luxtreme crops. It was a pretty cool day here - low 50s and rainy so it was a good day to try it out. I'd have to say I find the silver luon about as warm as regular luon. Definitely not hotter, maybe a touch more breathable. Your upper back and chest are pretty open and it has a mesh back panel so I didn't get super hot but I don't think I'd wear the Challenge to spin class during hot summer weather. I found the tank very supportive and comfortable and I think the tank has a flattering fit on bustier women. I think the material may be a touch thicker than regular luon and it seems to hide flaws (and headlights) better. The tank does slide up when worn with luxtreme bottoms and I had to keep pulling it down during class. I changed into Grooves after class to weight lift and the tank didn't ride up with regular luon. Before I left for the gym, I gave my cat a hug to see how it did against pet hair and it seemed to perform similar to luxtreme in that respect. All in all, I like the tank a lot and will most likely buy other items made of silver luon. Also, the front seams are pretty heavily stitched and when I first wore the tank around the house they were kind of noticeable when I was sitting at the computer but I didn't notice them at all at the gym today. I have also decided to let the tank air out and not wash it after to class to try the non-stink feature. I don't typically have a odor issue with any of Lululemon's fabrics except the circle mesh and a couple colors of my swiftly techs.

Coal / Black Roses Push UR Limits Now on the Website

I'm not sure exactly when this got uploaded but I know it wasn't part of yesterday morning's batch. Anyway, the Coal / Black Roses Push is now on the website. I liked it but better cross your fingers you get a good one that has the pattern on both straps. The two tanks I tried on had one majority-white stripe which ruined the look from the back so I had to pass.

Sailor Stripe Is Here - Stride, Define, and Scoop Neck

The Sailor Stripe Define is pretty wild. However, I'm not a fan of the blingy zipper. It feels a bit cheap. I like the Scoop Neck.

Sailor Stripe Stride and Define

Sailor Stripe Stride and Scoop Neck

India Ink and Pond Coming Back? Also, Chirp.

A couple of my Australian product alerts have had notices for Cool Racerbacks in India Ink, Pond, and Chirp. Sometimes I think Australia may be getting some left over items from previous seasons because they are opposite North America but I think India Ink and Pond were out before the CRB was first released. You experts can correct me, but I'm pretty sure India Ink is the darker, background color in the Groove pants pictured above. I.e., the color in the top band and Pond is the lighter blue color. The Remix above is called India Ink Dark Night Scribbler.

I found an old palette with India Ink on it:

I searched eBay and came up with this for Pond:

The interior waistband color is Pond.

Both India Ink and Pond are pretty colors, especially when used together. I look forward to seeing new tanks in these colors.