Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fit Reports : Inner Awareness Tank & Wish Poncho Stripe Scuba

I got my Inner Awareness Tank. I don't know why I ordered the Power Purple version because I have a Power Purple CRB and the two look pretty similar on. I thought the tank is very comfortable - the straps are wide and comfortable. To me, the tank fit similar to a CRB - loose through the middle and very long. It seemed longer than a CRB when I tried it on but I think I was stretching out the straps too much. When I laid the Inner Awareness on top of a CRB, the CRB was a touch longer in the front. I am wondering if the weave of the luon light has changed because the material in the Inner Awareness seems softer and stretchier than the material in my Power Purple CRB. I really like the feel of new luon light and I am thinking the extra stretchiness is what is making the tank seem longer. This tank is super comfortable and I would consider it low support for larger chested women. The front of the neckline will pop open a little bit if you do a pectoral press type maneuver. A Flow Y bra fits perfectly under it and you won't see it at all or feel overly constricted with two bras. I like this tank a lot but I have a ton of tanks and I can live without it unless it comes out in more colors that I don't already have. The original version in the Awareness tank was made of circle mesh. If this tank was made of circle mesh I would probably keep it since I find that material great for spin class but luon light is too hot for spin class for me. I will keep an eye for this tank to hit the markdown rack.

I also got my Wish Poncho Stripe Scuba. It fits the same as my Plum Scuba and I really like it. The inside is Wish Blue, too. I think the stripes are a very different look and I like that the side panels are a dark color. I think it gives a slimming effect to the jacket. It looks nice with jeans. The pattern has black in it too so you can wear it with black bottoms. It will be a keeper for me.

NEW Jackets - Rejuvenate and Lift Your Spirits Jacket

New Rejuvenate Jacket

Hmmm, what was I saying about Lululemon adjusting their product mix to have less avant-garde jackets? I need to take it back. This looks like a cotton jacket. I can tell right now this is not for me. At all. Ugh. However, it will look fantastic on leggy, slim-hipped ladies.

Update - I can't resist. The Rejuvenate reminds me of the Michelin Man:

This is the new Lift Your Spirits Jacket. It's made of Brushed Power Luxtreme. It looks like it has the same blingy zipper that is on the Hustle Jackets. I like the longer length. The jury is out until I see more photos but I don't feel immediate need-it-now lust upon viewing this photo. Update - Just read this is $148. Not interested for that price.

NEW SE Lululacquard Scuba in Coal/Citron