Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Celebs in Lululemon - Ashley Tisdale

I'm not really much of an Ashley Tisdale fan but she is on my favorite guilty pleasure show, Hellcats. She is wearing the Stride Jacket and Dance Studio Pants.  I know the jacket is Lululemon but are the pants? I thought they were Stills at first but the material doesn't look right. I'm not that familiar with the pants made from Swift material.

Photos of the Newest Stuff - Coal MUPS Scuba, Black Fast Forward, Power Purple Stand Strong, White Hustle Tank & More

Stand Strong tank in Power Purple. This color might tempt me into buying this tank. I can always use another luxtreme tank for spin.

Alignment Tank in Power Purple.

White Hustle Tank

Coal MUPS Scuba

Black Microstripe Inner Awareness - $52

Fast Forward Photo from the Product Alert

Black Fast Forward

The Fast Forward is made of French Terry. It looks super soft. I am looking forward to trying it on.

The SE Hoodie with the interchangeable hood and cuffs.

The Hustle tank looks cute on this woman but I've come to the conclusion that if you have wider hips or athletic thighs the ruffles will not do you any favors. I am still curious to try it on, though.

Lightening Live Simply Tee - I'm just not into this design at all

Black Roses Yogi Dance Crop

Reader Pattbea noticed that the new Black Roses Power Y was made in Canada (yay!!! OT -I am having the hardest time finding Candy Canes not made in a third world country) so I am wondering if all the Black Roses stuff is made there. I'll try to remember to take a look at the Scoop Neck and CRB next time I am in the store.

More Scuba Photos - MUPS and Special Edition

This is the SE Scuba that has changeable cuffs and hood liner. I like the stitching on the front but don't really care for the cuffs or hood liner idea that much.

I think I am now leaning towards the Wish Blue version but all the striped designs are the kind that you really need to try on first to see which looks best. I hope they show up at stores in Southern California soon. We aren't getting all the Scuba colors, just select ones. However, we did get the one that the sleeves button off.

Inner Awareness Tank - Made of Light Luon (More Photos)

Since the camera made a weird pattern in the top photo, I am thinking this might be the multi stripe black version with tiny black stripes. Even though this is light luon and not circle mesh like in the original Awareness Tank I still want to try it on. I thought the straps on the Awareness were really comfortable. They were made of that fat elastic they use at the waistband of some crops so it has a lot of give but it's very soft.

Fast Forward Jacket - Like It With Collar Folded Up

This is cute. I can't wait to try it on. I hope it doesn't have skinny arms and buttons all the way down the front.