Thursday, December 2, 2010

Modern Racers Coming in Dip Dye Versions

More from Australia - the Modern Racer is coming in Dip Dye Versions (see the inside of the Savasana jacket for dip dye) - Sunny Lime/Coal Dip Dye (Sunny Lime is the top photo), Passion/Coal Dip Dye, and Snorkel Blue/Coal Dip Dye.

Hustle Jacket Details

The Hustle Jacket is now in SoCal. I'll see if I can try it out tomorrow. I really like the plum one.

Black Roses Print Live Simply Tee

From an Australian product alert - the white tee with Black Roses Print Live Simply Tee.

New Colors Coming in the Personal Best Singlet

More hints from Australia: One of my product alert emails had some new colors in the Personal Best Singlet - Very Violet, Senorita Pink (not a new color), and Wish Blue. I'm kind of bummed because my favorite running tanks are the Energy: SL and the I Just Wanna Run made from silverescent, not silverscent circle mesh.  I really dislike the visible honeycomb pattern of the silverescent circle mesh. The men's line still has stuff being made from regular silverscent and not the circle mesh version so there is no reason the women's line can't use this fabric. I also hate the droopy boob design of the Personal Best. This tank is not one of Lululemon's more flattering or visually interesting designs so I am surprised they are bringing it out in new colors. Blah.

I am really hoping the Run: Energy SL makes a comeback this spring

Heathered Power Purple Multistripe CRB

I bought a Power Purple CRB the first time the color came out last year so I am really curious to try on the new Heathered Power Purple version. I really liked the multistripe, static stripe, and wee stripe versions of colors.

Today's Upload - My Wallet is Safe

No Roses CRB or Plum Hustle Jackets were uploaded so my wallet is safe for today? What did you all get?

Upload Finally Starting

The Rose Print Scoop Neck is up. The photo on the website is better than the one from the product alert. I'm hoping the CRB gets uploaded today to the US side.