Monday, November 29, 2010

More Photos of the New Items - Hustle Jacket, New Tank Colors, Sparkle Cuddle Up Jackets

Some more info on the new Hustle Jacket:

Fabric: DWR Swift ( Durable Water Repellant )
Colours: Plum Shale Stripe, Coal Shale Stripe, White Silver 1/16" Stripe
Sizes 2-12

-Reflective Panels
-Cuffs & Thumbholes
-Super soft liner with anti stink Circle Mesh
-Stowable hood
-Headphone cord exit

 New Scoop Necks and Power Y tanks in Black Roses and Power Purple Multistripe (also new Power Purple reversible Wunder Unders)

New Define Jackets in Coal Pique, Black Ruffles, and Coal/Power Purple

New Sparkle Cuddle Up Jackets - the Casis one looks cute with jeans

Canadians - Post Run Pullover Restocked, Also a Few Cuddle Up Jackets

The Post Run Pullover has been restocked on the Canadian side of the website in the Black, Wish, and Very Violet Colors. There are a few Cuddle Up sizes in Very Violet and Black.

NEW Colors - Power Purple Microstripe CRB/Power Y, New Yogi Dance Tank Colors

New Quilted Wunder Under Grooves with Power Purple

Cool Racerback in Heathered Power Purple Multi (or micro) - Stripe

New Colors in Grooves and Yogi Dance Tanks - the two Power Purple versions are on the left and the black Sailor Stripe is hiding behind the Haze on the right

 Power Y in Heathered Power Purple Multi Stripe

Stride Jacket in Power Purple/Power Purple Multi-Stripe

NEW! Hustle Jacket

New Hustle Jacket in plum (dahlia?) plaid. I am loving this color. The style reminds me a lot of the Track and Field Jacket with the bustle in the back but it has a lot of the elements of the Inspire, too. I hope it fits more like the T&F through the arms and shoulders.

Special Edition Scuba that Converts to a Vest

I think this is Plum but it could be Dahlia. I really like it.

Photo of the back of the SE Vest Scuba

NEW! Black Roses Cool Racerback & Scoop Neck Tank

I'm pretty sure this is the first time Lululemon has put a print on the CRBs.  This one is really cute but this is a print you have to cherry pick to get a good distribution of the pattern. I would guess this is a Coal Roses Print and the scoop neck is a Black Roses Print since it looks darker. I've seen product notices for both colors in this print.

Photo of the new SE Scuba as a Vest

The new SE Scuba also has a fleece hood. I might have to look into getting this. I like the idea of using it as a vest. If I find a back view, I'll post it.

NEW! Ruffled Cuddle Up Jackets with Sparkled Logo & Material

I am liking these understated Cuddle Up jackets. The caption in the photo said there was a little tinsel woven in. I've read the logo was glittery. There is also sparkles woven into the fabric. The colors are Sparkled Heathered Casis (the purple) and Sparkled Dark Classic Sport Gray. There is also a Heathered Clarity Gray.Heathered Clarity Gray. This photo is from the Halifax store.

More pics:
Close up of the material showing the "sparkle", although it kind of looks like lint in the photos: