Saturday, November 27, 2010

NEW - Roses Print Power Y and Wunder Unders, SE Scuba

Hmmm, not sure if I like this from this photo.

Roses Print Wunder Unders - The print looks cuter here

The special edition Scuba that has detachable sleeves.

 Stride in Power Purple and Power Purple Microstripe (I think)

New - Pique Define Jacket

Photo of the new Pique Define and Pique Grooves in Coal.

Pics of New Items - Hustle Tank and Faded Zap Scoop Neck Tank

This photo looks more like what I pictured the Hustle Tank would look like - a longer tank that will flatter the waist and draw attention to the booty.

The Faded Zap items are in Australia right now but I'm sure will be coming our way eventually.