Friday, November 26, 2010

New! Sailor Stripe Yogi Dance Tank

This is pretty cute. Too bad the Yogi Dance tank didn't work for me. I look forward to seeing the Sailor Stripes in a Scoop Neck and some of the other tanks.  According to one of my Australian product alerts, the Live Simply tee will also come out in the black sailor stripe.

Fake Lulu on Ebay

Correct me if I'm wrong Lulu Experts, but if the tags aren't on the left side of the clothes, it's a good bet it's a fake, right? Also, it looks like there are two "luon" tags and no reversible tag. The reversible tag is supposed to be round.

These are the real deal:

OT: Icebreaker Coupon Code for 30% Off (US Only)

For those of you who'd like to try Merino Wool active wear, Icebreaker is giving 30% off today for all black items. The coupon code is BLACK10. It looks like shipping is free, too. The only downside is that they don't ship outside the US. From all I can find on the web, Icebreaker is a highly-reviewed brand.

Some New Loot Posted Today - Updated

Some new loot was added today. The prices aren't super compelling and are a bit cheaper in my local stores. I saw the Tadasana and Insight tanks in  my local stores for $39. About the only item I'd be interested in getting is the Track and Field Jacket which I think is a decent price at $99 (but I'd still prefer to pay less, of course  ;-)  ). I think I am bailing on going to Lululemon today for any Black Friday deals. I went last year and it was the normal markdown rack. I went to the store on Wednesday and there really wasn't anything I wanted even close to landing on the mark down rack. I'd rather go to spin class this morning. If you venture out to your local Lululemon today, tell us if you find any deals.

Update - So I did end up going to my two local stores after spin class to see if they had anything extra on markdown. I was so disappointed in the Irvine store. I didn't see anything on markdown - not even a random tank or two in the racks. It's kind of weird they had no deals at all on Black Friday. The store was appropriately empty. The Newport store had the same stuff on sale they did on Wednesday. They also gave out two passes to a local yoga studio if you said the secret phrase ("Sweat Once a Day") to an educator wearing a super hero cape. That store was pretty busy but I don't understand why you'd venture out on Black Friday just to buy full priced stuff you could have bought on Wednesday. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the photos of the new black roses Power Y. I'm hoping there will be a Black Roses Heart Tank since I am really loving my new Heart Tank.