Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Australian Goodness - Black Roses Print Everywhere Bag

From one of my Australian product alert emails, the Black Roses Print Everywhere Bag. I'm sure it'll be hitting North America soon enough. This is one of those prints you're going to have to pick through to get the best one.

New! Groove Pant Ruffle

I didn't get this product alert yet but someone uploaded it to FB. It's a ruffled Groove Pant. It's pretty cute but will show under your longer tops.

Store Trip Report and Sale Report Plus First Wearing of Heart Tank

I went to a new spin studio and since I was in the area I stopped into the Irvine store. They had the new Live Simply Jacket in Wish and Alpine Pullover in Haze and Black. I tried on the Live Simply jacket and it fits a lot like the Wear With All but it has that harsh metal zipper so I can't say I like it. I hate the metal zippers. Hate.I didn't get to try on the Alpine Pullover since they only had both colors to a size 8 but they looked nice. I think that was about it for the newest stuff. I'll be up in LA tomorrow and am planning on visiting the Manhattan Beach store.

The Irvine store had quite a few things on markdown - Citron (a lot!) and Alarming Define jackets for $74, a bunch of Insight tanks for $39, a few Push UR Limits tanks for $39, a few senorita pink Swiftly LS for $54, a couple of Swiftly short sleeve for $39, and quite a few cotton tee shirts (I think the Modern and another style) for $39. They also had some pants and shorts on sale but I don't remember which exactly. They had a gym bag, Fast in Flight I think, on markdown, too. They also had a lot of men's stuff marked down - I think the Run: Vital LS Tech running luon top for $59, the tech tees (I can't remember which) for $39, a bunch of Essential tees, and a few Revival Sweatshirts (no zipper) for $39.

I wore my new Heart Tank to spin class today and really liked it. Although I usually get a little hot wearing light luon to spin class, the open back of this tank helped keep me cool. I also went to a different spin place, Yoga and Spin (YAS), where they open a big garage door to the outside and it helped keep the room temp down. The Heart tank gave me decent support for spin. I made sure to cinch the straps tightly and put cups in. Even though I bought the tank in a size ten, I was able to use my size 12 cups which worked well. I really like this tank and hope they keep making more of it. It gives good coverage to bustier women (as someone reviewed on the website - both in the front and side boob areas) and the thick straps are super comfortable. I love the open back and think it's a super flattering design. I think 70% of the class was wearing something by Lululemon. I was kind of surprised to see that people use the shopping bags as their gym bag. I wish my regular gym would get new spin bikes. These were much smoother and had big peddles that really support your feet. I thought I had crappy spin shoes but it turns out my gym has crappy peddles that make my feet hurt. If any of you live in Orange County and can recommend a spin studio, let me know. My favorite teacher at my gym is down to one day a week and I am in the mood to try new places.

Sneak Upload!!! Things Are Going Fast!

Lululemon uploaded a day early for some reason. Of course I was out at spin class and shopping. If you haven't already gotten on line you'd better get because certain things are going fast.

Only the Canadian side got the Candlelight tank in the Multi State of Mind print but they can keep it. This is a print where a little goes a long way.

The Post Run Pullovers are already sold out in some sizes. The Very Violet PRP is gone already but Wish and Black are left. Order a black or wish just in case but I'd try the GEC and some strategic partners if you really want the Very Violet.

I tried the Live Simply Jacket on at the store today and I hate it. It has the awful sharp metal zipper that was used in the Flashback jacket. If you don't mind scratching yourself, go ahead and get this jacket otherwise stay away. (Oh yes, the fit was the same as the WWA)

I saw the Alpine Pullover at the store today but wasn't able to try it on since they only had size 8 and under left. It looked pretty nice and one woman bought it when I was there. These are going to go quickly.

Lot's of other goodies were uploaded - the new Push UR Limits colors, Cuddle Up jackets, the long sleeve Run Swiftlys (get them while you can) and more.  What did you get?