Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gorgeous NWT Print Scoop Neck on Ebay

OMGosh, this beautiful NWT Scoop Neck (size 12) just showed up on eBay. What print is this? I want to say Thee Print but I don't recall the yoga poses in the the Three Print. Is it Magic Manifesto. I am not a big Scoop neck person, but I am so tempted to bid.

Yogi Dance Tank on a Bustier Woman

The top two photos show the Yogi Dance Tank on a woman with a larger bust. I included the Persimmon photo because the tank is giving the impression of armpit fat on a non fat person. If you look at the top photo, you'll see armpit fat, too.

Scuba-illow - Photo of the Zipper in Back

The Scuba-illow is a special edition Scuba and it's $118. I like the stitching on the front but am not at all a fan of making a pillow out of my Scuba jacket.

Very Violet Run: Balance Pullover (Wool)

Very Violet Run: Balance Pullover

So it looks like this top comes in Black, Wish, and Very Violet.

Product Details:
  • Performance mid-layer made of 100% merino wool: natural, renewable & technical!
  • Wool absorbs sweat without feeling damp against your skin - perfect for extended winter activity.
  • Provides extra warmth without extra layers!
  • Cuffins with thumbholes for warm hands!
  • Secure key pocket 
  • Sizes 4-12
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed
  • $128

NEW! Run: Post Pullover

I only have this one photo but will post more as soon as I find them.

 The back is very cute! I would think this is somewhere around $110 but will post as soon as I find a price. I was way off, the price is $88 - it's a bargain! ;-)

 Product Details:

  • Sexier than a blanket with arms, that's for sure! (And more comfortable too!)
  • Stretch in cozy comfort or throw on after a cool winter run!
  • Made from cozy double sided brushed micro fleece with anti-pilling finish
  • Soft, warm running luon® cuffs with thumbholes keep your hands warm
  • Kangaroo pocket holds all your recovery snacks
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed
  • Very Violet, Wish Blue, Black, Coal

Here is another of the Post Run Pant, in coal.

Photos of the Latest Clothes and Colors

New Push UR Limits

Alpine Tights in Black, Coal, Black/Very Violet - They are $98

Alpine Tights

Alpine Pullovers in Haze, Persimmon and Black - $118

Balance Baselayer - Wish, Black, Haze, $108

New Cuddle Ups - $108  - I didn't realize they are $10 more than a Scuba

Photo of All the New Cuddle Up Jacket Colors

I hadn't seen a photo of the new black Cuddle Up jacket yet. YMMV - People have posted on Facebook they thought this newest batch fit a bit snugger than the previous batch but that the black fit the loosest of the four colors.

Yogi Dance Tank - Too Poufy in the Midsection?

OK - not fair, she actually is poufy  ;-) 

Past babydoll style tanks for your comparison.

 The Tucks in the Yogi Dance Tank - # and position - are similar to the Bulerias Tank

Bulerias tucks gone bad

 Fouette - Tucks done right

Power Dance - The Luon Sheer lays (lies?) a lot flatter than luon light

Yogi Dance Tank Product Info:

-Lightweight, low support tank provides openness and breathability during your Hatha class
-Bust - luon®, breathable with coverage, cotton-feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing freedom of movement
-Body - Hip length, luon light®, loose, lightweight, breathable
-Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit right for you
-Mesh braconstruction with built-in pockets for removable cups
- $58
- Sizes 2 - 10
- Black, Haze, Coal/Very Violet, Very Violet/Black, Persimmon/Coal

Run: Alpine Pullover More Photos and Product Information

Some photos showing the details on the Run: Alpine Pullover. A couple of initial reviews on Facebook have said this top runs a bit snug in the shoulders and upper arms. A couple of people have said they fit fine so if you are larger in the shoulders you might have to size up. Try and look at as many photos as possible. In the photos here, it doesn't look particularly roomy in those areas on either of these women.

Alpine Pullover Product Info:
-Feel snuggled-up in this thermal mid-layer made for winter running
-Wicking tech fleece is brushed on the inside for warmth & comfort
-Tight fitting scuba-shaped hood to keep the wind out
-Cuffins with thumbholes for warm hands!
-Set your ponytail free from your hood!
-Hidden mesh key pocket
-Easy access back zipper pocket for cards, keys or music
-Chafe-resistant - flat seams
- Black, Persimmon, Haze, Very Violet (haven't seen a photo of this color yet)
- $118
- Black, Persimmon, Haze, Very Violet

New! Post Run Pant Photos and Product Details

Post Run Pant Product Detail:
-Stretch in cozy comfort or throw on after a cool winter run!
-These body-skimming, mid-rise pants are made from cozy double-sided brushed micro fleece with anti-pilling finish
-Wide flat waistband made from super soft running luon®
-Drawcord at waist for extra support
-Pockets to hold all your recovery snacks!
-Chafe-resistant - flat seamed

NEW!! Hustle Pant - Photos and Product Info

With all the new photos showing up last night, I forgot to post about these new pants.

Hustle Pant Product Info:
-Lined pant designed to join you on your winter morning warm-up!
-Swift outer shell fabric is wicking, quick drying, light weight & breathable, with 2-way stretch
-Reflective swift panels for extra low light visibility
-Super soft, light weight liner
-Articulated knee for movement
-Loose fit, pull-on over your runners
-Cinchable hem keeps cuffs dry and above your runners
-Back vents for max ventilation
- Coal and Black
- Don't know the price yet, I'm sure in the $100-110 region