Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yogi Dance Tank - Persimmon/Coal

Here are some photos of the new Yogi Dance Tank in Persimmon/Coal. It also comes in Very Violet/Coal, Haze, and Black. It's a very cute looking tank.  I am still recovering from binging on Halloween candy so I am favoring my looser tanks like the Cool Racerback and the Power Dance Tank - this one will fit right in.  ;-)  I'm going to have to take a trip to the store this week to try this and find the new long sleeve Swiftly Techs.

NEW! Lululemon Toiletry Bag - The Gym Essential Kit - Want It!!!!

I love my Lululemon gym bags because they have pockets and compartments for everything I tote to the gym - spin shoes, towels, heart rate monitor, lifting gloves, face wipes, energy bars, water bottle, ipod, cell phone - everything! Now Luluemon has come out with a toiletry kit for our gym bag - The Gym Essential Kit. It has pockets for jewelry and other things and a removable pouch that velcros into place. I don't know the price but I would guess somewhere around $50 based on the price of the Travel Pooch. I must get one. Must!!!!