Friday, November 12, 2010

Mutli-Poncho Stripe Scuba for Sale on Lululemon Exchange Page (Size 10)

An Australian woman is selling a NWT size 10 multi-poncho stripe Scuba on the Lululemon Exchange Facebook Group (you have to request to join the group). If you can't wait until it hits North America, now is your chance to get one. I like this one and the blue poncho stripe:

Run Dash LS and Outward Bound Pant in Video

It's always nice to see the clothes in motion. This is the latest video from the Halifax store which features the Static Persimmon Run Dash LS and the Outward Bound Pant.

Ivivva Version of the Run: Dash LS - Like It!!!

I don't have daughters so I don't check out the Ivivva pages that often but someone posted the Ivivva version of the Run: Dash LS on Facebook. It looks very similar except for the ruffle in the back. Lululemon definitely should make a shirt like this a fall/winter staple. They seem to be selling faster than the Pullovers so I think people are definitely looking for a simple running luon shirt they can use as a base layer for winter sports or a warming layer for a chilly studio. I love the Raspberry color of the Ivivva version. Someone commented on the original post Ivivva also made a long sleeve circle mesh top. I would love one of those, too!

Love the Raspberry pink one in the back!

OT - I would love a multi-colored headband like this

New Lululemon Shopping Bag

A Texas store posted photos of a new Lululemon "Super Hero" shopping bag. Can't say I'm a fan. I'll take the regular one, please.

Celebs in Lululemon - Jennifer Garner in the Cabin LS Tee

Jennifer Garner in the Cabin LS tee. These are selling out everywhere. Three of the stores I've been to recently didn't have any in my size. I hope Lululemon re-issues them. I love mine and have no major pilling issue to complain about.

New Colors in the Push UR Limits and Happy Heat Tank

I know this is a totally lame photo but look what is hanging on the right - the Wish Blue / Multi-Poncho stripe Push. As soon as I find a full-on photo I will post it. I think I must have this version of the Push!  Also, you can see the Haze/Coal one hanging in full view on the right side. There is another color behind the Wish version, looks like a Black and something.

Here is the new Haze/Coal Happy Heat Tank. Too bad a lot of people are finding the front seams uncomfortable. They aren't flatlocked (they are glued or something) and some people are bothered by them. I'll be honest, I didn't notice them but I tried this tank on very quickly and didn't try moving around with it.