Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Latest 50 Rep Colors

 Latest Inspire Colors

All the latest Swiftly Tech Colors

Dash Tight in Wish

Minimal Circle Mesh Armpit of Dash LS

Comparison of the Appearance of the Ruffle in Solid and Static Dash Longsleeves.

More Dash Pullover Photos

More New Stuff - Grooves, Run Shorts, Scuba, and More

The Latest Groove Colors

Yogi Dance Pants

Groovy Run Shorts (Coal/Haze, Coal Poncho Stripe)

Speed Shorts (Wish Poncho Stripe, Black Poncho Stripe)

There is going to be Scuba Hoodies in both these prints. 

Alignment Tanks

Persimmon and Haze Scubas (Coal Dash PO in the background)

Coal/Haze Brushed Still Pants - the brushed ones are $108 and the solid black are already on the website

Haze/Coal Define

I wonder if there will be a Wish/Multi Poncho Define similar to the Stride. I would love that to go with my new Power Y.

Great photo of the Outward Bound pant showing the transition between the wind resistant front and the tech fleece backside

All The Flavors of the Run: Dash Pullover - Static Coal, Static Black, Wish, Persimmon, Static Teal Zeal, and Static Lilac

Static Coal

Static Black

Wish Blue


Static Teal Zeal

Static Lilac

As soon as I find a good full frontal photos of people modelling these other colors, I'll exchange them. I am really liking the Static Coal.

Photos of Run: Dash Pullover in Static Coal

 Uh Oh, I am really liking this....

Tomorrow's Upload - What Are You Looking For?

Based on answers people have gotten from the GEC, it sounds like there is a good chance the new Dash LS and Dash Pullovers will be uploaded tomorrow. I have totally overspent my monthly Lulu allowance (and it's only the 10th!) so I am not really shouldn't be looking for anything else. I would love l-o-v-e another long sleeve Swiftly but I know will still be around so I will wait. However, if you like them, get them now because they are hard to come by. However, if the mythical Plum Dash LS should show up, I might get it. I dunno. I kind of really like the Static versions of this top but I love the plum color.

Oh yes, I also have been reading some new Cuddle Ups are coming. Maybe they'll make an appearance tomorrow. They did not make it to Southern California so I haven't been able to try one on. I think I can live with just my lone Scuba hoodie for now. It's finally getting cold enough that I can wear it.

What are you hoping to see?

More Photos of New Stuff - Very Violet Heart Tank & Etc.

A good photo of the Very Violet Heart Tank

I've been waiting for a good photo of the Very Violet Heart Tank to pop up. None of the previous ones really had a good view of this tank. I love the black and violet combo but not with these bottoms. The tank would look much cuter with a pair of matching Grooves. I am liking all these new Heart Tanks. I may have to get one after all.

New Swiftlys Side by Side - Wish, Haze, and Very Violet

I was bummed that someone commented that their Bold Blue Swiftly has leached so much dye from being washed that it's turning pink on her. It's a shame because Bold Blue/Wish Blue is such a fun color in the Swiftly fabric. I have a Bold Blue Swiftly Racerback but I wear it very infrequently. It's probably been washed less than half a dozen times. I would think you could take the shirt back and get another one. The tees retail for $58 after all - the color should last forever.

Static Wish Dash LS and Outward Bound Pant

It's funny how people either like the ruffle or hate it. I can't make up my mind. I totally agree the ruffle is what makes this shirt unique (although the running luon fabric is pretty sweet and the static color is also different) and different from every other athletic company out there but I can't decide if I like the ruffle on me. I would prefer a ruffle-less shirt so there would be no bumps when I layer this shirt. However, when wearing it stand alone it does make a statement. I dunno, I bought it so I like it well enough. As I said, the static print definitely lessens the visual impact of the ruffle since there are other design details that draw the eye - the print, the darker seaming, and the darker patches of circle mesh. I like the static versions better than the solid so I am debating if I would buy the Plum version if it showed up in tomorrow's upload.

Cute outfit with the Persimmon Inspires and the matching Dash Pullover