Monday, November 8, 2010

Pics - Outward Bound Pant, New LS Swiftly (Very Violet?), and New Alignment Tank

Is this a new color in the long sleeve Swiftly? If so, I guess it's Very Violet.  The pants are the Outward Bound.

The new Alignment Tank has adjustable straps. I like that it fits loose through the tummy and comes up high on the chest.

More Pics of Dash Pullover - Wish and Persimmon

Solid Wish Dash Pullover

Persimmon Dash Pullover

I'm dying to see the other colors like Static Wish and Static Coal.

The Newest Colors of Scoop Neck, Heart Tank, and Yogi Dance Pant

Latest Heart Tank - so cute!

 Latest Scoop Neck Tanks
 Persimmon Dash (like this one a lot) and Yogi Dance Pant

 Yogi Dance Pant Waistband Detail
Yogi Dance Pant leg detail

More Outward Bound Pant Photos

New Tank - Aligment Tank

New Alignment Tank made of light luon- liking the Wish Blue version better

New Colors - Poncho Stripe Scoop Neck and New Inspire Crops

Wish/Multi-Poncho Stripe Scoop Neck and Wish Blue Inspire Crops

Coal / Persimmon Inspire Crops (paired with Happy Heat Tank)

New Jacket - Podium Jacket

New mid-length, primaloft filled jacket - the Podium Jacket.

Photo of the Outward Bound Pant

Here is a photo of the Outward Bound Pant. It looks a big snug so I wouldn't mind seeing her model the next size up. I'll post more photos when I find them.

Run: Dash LS - Coming in Static Very Violet & Store Trip Report

I am liking the Dash LS in Static Very Violet a little better than than Static Wish but they are both pretty cute, especially in this photo. I am dying to see these in person.

For those of you who live in the Los Angeles Area -The Dash Pullover is supposed to arrive at the El Segundo store this afternoon. The girl told me they were expecting Static Black, Static Teal Zeal, and Static Lilac. I was there this morning but they didn't have anything new. I ended up getting a Flow Y in Black (for some reason they have a few size 12 Flow Ys left) and a black 50 Rep bra. These are good basic bras that I can layer under my other tanks (and wide neck tops) for when I want additional support but don't feel like wearing an underwire.

After looking at more photos of the Dash Pullover I am leaning towards getting a Dash LS if I can ever get a hold of a color I like or even the Wish Long Sleeve Swiftly tech. Some of the reasons I am re-thinking the Dash: Number one, I don't really need it and it's overkill for what I want to use it for (base layer and warmth when walking or outside attending sporting events), I'm not a fan of the ruffle on the sleeve, the zipper is way too noticeable, and the pocket is not tacked down and will rub like it did in the initial run of the Inspire Pullover. However, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.  ;-)

Update - FWIW - Just called the US GEC to see if they had the Dash LS in plum, static very violet, or static wish blue and they didn't have it yet. She said to call back on Thursday.