Friday, November 5, 2010

Re-posting of the Run: Dash Pullover Photo

Here is a great photo of the soon to arrive Run: Dash Pullover.

Pic - Stand Strong Tank in Coal

The Stand Strong is coming in Coal, too.

Pics of New Items/Colors - Yogini Dance Pant, Run Speed Skirt, Reflective Rosehips

More photos of new items:

Yogini Dance Pant

Paired with a matching Haze top to play up the decoration on the leg, these could be a lot of fun.

Run: Speed Skirt in Multi-Poncho Stripe and Black - love the muted stripe pattern!

Grooves in Reflective Water Sketch Print

Run Dash LS Coming in Static Wish and Static Very Violet

Man, take a brief computer break and pics like this show up! Here is a photo of the new Run: Dash LS in Static Wish. There is also supposed to be a Static Very Violet. Hmmm, I was hoping for a solid Plum but the Static Very Violet sounds nice, too.

I wore my new Static Wish Blue CRB today and I really liked the silky feel of the static light luon against my skin. I may have to get another static CRB - I 'm thinking static coal. I also really love the static wish blue color but in the Run Dash LS, the static wish combined with the ruffle, patches of wish blue circle mesh, and contrasting seaming lead to visual overload, at least from the rear view. I'll have to decide how I like the front but there is too much going on. Dang - really like the front. Without the ruffle - awesome. In this color, with it - just a bit too much.