Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cute Outfit Idea with the Static Wish Wunder Unders

The colorful static and space dye Wunder Unders are super cute but I always wonder what you wear with them. The stores have posted some cute ideas. This is the Stand Strong Tank (and the bust is filled out!) and the static Wish Wunder Unders.

Also, keep it on the down low, but there is a gray or charcoal version of the Run: Dash Pullover coming out.

New SE Scuba?

This photo came in one of my US Product Alerts. It looks like an upcoming Scuba design, I'd guess a Special Edition. The color code is BLKlmkm. Speculation on FB thinks it has detachable cuffs that match the hood lining. I like the stitching but could care less about the cuff thing. I'd probably misplace them.

Today's Upload - Did You Get Anything?

A few goodies were uploaded today but I got two new tanks at the store yesterday so I am happy. I am still waiting for the elusive Plum Dash LS but the other three colors were uploaded. I am also patiently waiting for the Boobs on a Wire to hit the website or US stores. Whatever happened to that bra?

What did you all get today?

The Latest Power Y Colors (and More)

 Haze/Coal Power Y and Matching Grooves make a cute outfit

I forgot to write yesterday that I tried on the new Haze/Coal CRB and really disliked it. I would have gotten a solid colored Haze CRB because it's a pretty color but the contrast between the two colors was too much. I liked the Static Very Violet/solid  Very Violet CRB but the Haze/Coal was odd. If you are from the New York area you'll know what I mean when I say I felt like a walking black and white cookie:

Black and White Cookies - a New York Regional Area Food

 Persimmon Power Y and Matching Define Jacket

Static Wish Blue Power Y

Wish Blue Multi Poncho Stripe Power Y and Matching Stride

Stand Strong Tank Definitely Designed for Larger Busts

Here is are instructive photos regarding the new Stand Strong tank:

The Stand Strong is baggy on her in the chest yet when you look at the back view, it fits fine through her ribcage. I assume she's wearing the smallest size available and can't go one size down.

Great Wunder Under Model - All the Latest Wunder Unders

This woman makes all the newest fun Wunder Under colors look great:

How cute is this outfit? The plum Express Yourself Wrap and Static Plum Wunder Under Pants.

Wish Blue Express Yourself Wrap and Coal Pique Wunder Unders

Close Up of Coal Pique Wunder Unders

Candlelight Tank and Gray Space Dye Wunder Under Pants

Static Wish Blue Wunder Unders

Teal Zeal Ash Space Dye Wunder Unders

Very Violet/Static Gray Wunder Under Pants