Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Pics of the Latest Stuff - Peace of Mind Jacket & More

Peace of Mind Jacket - Still looks impractically short to me

Wish Blue Overload

Think I am going to get this (Static Wish SE CRB) or 


Static Wish Power Y

Cabin LS Pilling?

A woman on FB posted that her new Cabin LS is pilling "like crazy on the seams under the arms". I checked my black one and see a little pilling under the armpits on the gray side only. I've worn it about four times, three of them with the black side out. I don't consider the amount of pilling that bad for a cotton top, especially on the side that seems a little "rougher". I'll keep an eye on it but I'm not bothered by it.

More Pics - Heathered Charcoal Candlelight Tank, New Heaband Colors, Heathered Vintage Gray Scuba and More!

 Flow Ys in Wish/Multi-Poncho Stripe, Haze, Very Violet

 New Scubas in Heathered Vintage Gray/Silver and Teal Zeal/Silver  (Silver = Silver Logo)

I am sucker for "athletic" gray stuff from Lululemon. I am going to have to check the gray scuba out.

Teal Zeal Scuba

 Boogie Shorts - Black/Quilt, Haze/Coal, Coal Pique

 Stand Strong Tanks - Black, Haze, Very Violet, Wish Blue

The Stand Strong looks cute on her but as people have noted the seaming seems to lead the eye to the ladyparts.

New CRBs - lilac, wish blue, haze/coal, very violet, static wish, teal zeal

Heathered Charcoal Candlelight Tank - I like this color much better

I wasn't wowed by the static coal/Persimmon Stride but it looks really sharp paired with the matching CRB.

Wish Blue Express Yourself Wrap

 New Pirouette Headbands in Persimmon and Very Violet

New Braided Headbands in Persimmon, Teal Zeal, and Haze - anyone try these yet?

More New Pics - Plum Express Yourself Wrap (Pretty!), Static Plum Wunder Unders, Candelight Tank and More!

The Plum Express Yourself Wrap is just gorgeous and it coordinates so nicely with Very Violet. (click on the photo to enlarge)

So many fun colors in the Wunder Unders. I think I like the Static Wish a little better but these would be cute in the right outfit.

Teal Zeal Ash Space Dye Wunder Under Crop

(click to enlarge) - I'd like to try this on but not thrilled about the dark band of color at the side seam. The front is super cute and the back is too. I wouldn't mind seeing it one size up on this girl.

Very Violet SE CRB - I am liking this.

New Quilt Pattern for the Boogie Shorts

I'm pretty sure I'm buying this Power Y.

I think this tank has to fit snug to look cute and I think you also have to have a bigger bust, too. The back is super cute but I am on the fence about the front after seeing it look so unflattering in a lot of photos.

Static Coal / Persimmon Define - This was recently snuck onto the website, too.

New Fast in Flight Bag - Black (?) Ombre Plaid

I'm taking a guess at the name of this one but it's probably something like Black Ombre Plaid. I am a sucker for a black and white plaid pattern.

Photos of New Items - Haze CRB, Very Violet Stand Strong, Static Wish Wunder Unders and More

Haze / Coal SE Cool Racerback

Static Wish Blue Wunder Unders (and Haze/Coal CRB)

Candelight Tank with the Live Simply Pant

Very Violet Stand Strong Tank

Close Up of Very Violet CRB (static front, solid back)

Close Up of Pique Pants (not sure which pants)

Also, Still pants are being released in a brushed version, too - brushed coal/haze.

Pic of Static Wish Blue Wunder Unders

If you click on the photo you will enlarge it. In the bottom left corner is a photo of the new Wunder Under colors and the second from the left are a pair in Static Wish Blue/Solid Wish Blue. Those are cute!

More Product Alert Goodies - Coal / Haze SE Cool Racerback, Gray Pique Wunder Unders, Very Violet Ear Warmer

I really wanted a Haze CRB but I am not digging the Coal back so much. This is a special edition version so it will be $3 more.

There will be a coal/gray pique Wunder Under Pant. Pique is so soft and comfy.

Peace of Mind Jacket Product Info:

  • Premium winter-weather puffy jacket to keep you toasty warm
  • 750-fill-power premium goose down for warmth & loft retention
  • Satin fabric with DWR (durable water repellent) finish to protect from wind & rain
  • Down filled hood for warmth, or remove if not needed
  • Soft fleece inside collar & pockets
  • Thumbholes keep your sleeve down, set-your-ponytail free keeps your hood up
  • Cinchable hem to keep wind out
  • Daze, Coal
 I know the Senorita Pink Brisk Earwarmer was sold out within hours of it being uploaded to the website and I'm sure the new Very Violet ones will be, too. There is a also a cap in Very Violet (Brisk Run Toque).

New Tank - Candlelight Tank - Another Sexy Back

Fresh from my product alert email, the Candlelight Tank. I like all these double strap backs even though they probably won't work with my chest. The front is very classic and the back is sexy. This tank is organic. I have a feeling this one probably only goes to a 10 since that has been the trend with the strappy tanks this season.

  • Strappy, open back tank designed for yin and hatha class
  • Made with certified organic cotton fibre and LYCRA® fibre blend that provides natural softness, breathability and stretch for shape retention
  • Moderate support and coverage
  • Body hugging fit and long length
  • Straps cross in the back for full range of movement
  • Mesh bra construction with built-in pockets for removable cups
  • Preshrunk
  • Static Mid Gray, Heathered Charcoal

Dilemma - What Jacket to Wear With The Power Dance Tank?

I know this is an odd question, but what jacket are you wearing With your Power Dance Tank? My normal to and fro jacket is a Define but I feel the Power Dance Tank is too unstructured to look good under this plus the extra material adds lumps. I guess I'll wear my more casual Wear With All or Gather Together. What do you guys wear?

I really like the put-together look of the Define with a coordinating tank: