Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lululemon Halifax Video Showing Run Dash LS & Cabin LS

Thanks to reader, RunningOnCoffee - here is a video showing the Run Dash LS and Cabin LS tops. It can be helpful to see the clothes in motion. There are also a couple of men's items discussed.

More Pics of Poncho Stripe, Haze, Persimmon Items (Update)

Haze/Coal, Persimmon/Coal, Wish/Poncho Multi Stripe, Very Violet Power Ys and Matching Groove pants (click to enlarge)

Wish Poncho Multi Stripe Flow Y

 New Wish/Poncho Stripe Grooves with the Stand Strong Tank (see post below for pics of the tank)

NEW! Stand Strong Tank - Updated with More Photos

Hey honey - move your hair! We can't see the new tank.

This tank looks very promising - I'm liking the thicker straps and the slimming vertical seaming. I wonder if you wear your own bra or not.  Drats! I will post more photos of it as I find it.

It's made of Power Luxtreme. It has the same back as the Power Dance Tank which is super comfortable. I am liking it!

Make Still Pants in More Colors, Please!

The Still and Be Still pants are my daily pants this time of year but I only have four pairs - Teak Brown, Coal, Static Charcoal, and Black. If they came in more colors, I'd get them, particularly a khaki green or a very dark gray. I wouldn't mind a pair in pinstripe, like the new Wunder Unders. Years ago, Lululemon made pinstripe Still Pants (and Grooves).

Make Still Pants in Pinstripe, too, please!

Here are some photos of older Still/Be Still pants:

 Still Crops in Pinstripe (see, they did exist)

 Burgundy Stills

Deep Navy Amica Stripe - These are wild. I've been trying to get my hands on pair of these for years, now.

Mud and Heathered Classic Sport Gray Jersery.


Branch Brown - would love this color to come back

Run: Dash Crop Now On Website

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Dash crops have been recently snuck on to the website. They are showing (0) feedback so that's usually an indication of a newly posted item and I can't remember seeing them as part of Thursday's upload.Anyway, for those of you who were looking for them, they're here now.

Dash crops run long:

Random Photos of the Newest Stuff - Peace of Mind Vest, Lilac Centered Pose Tank, Live Simply Pant

I am a sucker for a photo showing a nicely coordinated outfit. Here is one that I like a lot. I can totally picture wearing this to watch my kids play soccer on a cool fall day, going to visit the mile high apple ranches (not orchards, mind you, we have apple ranches in California  ;-)  ) in Oak Glen, CA, or taking the kids trick or treating tomorrow night.

 Peace of Mind Vest, Teal Zeal LS Run Swiftly, Dance Studio Pants (?), and matching Striped Brimmed Beanie

Lilac Centered Pose Tank - I liked the Centered Post when I tried it on. The Lilac is very pretty.

A high quality photo of the newest Fast in Flight Bag - the outside of this one is the wooly feeling material not nylon

High quality photo of the new chunky scarf - so that's how to use the pocket. I still think $68 is a lot for a scarf

 Wunder Under Pants

Push UR Limits in Teal Zeal (with Gather and Crow Crops)

Live Simply Pant