Thursday, October 28, 2010

Snorkel Blue Coming Back, Too. And Passion & Lime (Update)

This is from an Australian product alert, a Snorkel Blue Scoop Neck:

The color code for this new Scoop Neck Tank is SBMS. I'm not sure what the MS stands for. SB is Snorkel Blue. The MS stands for Microstripe. This is definitely a new Scoop Neck tank because the matching Knockout Shorts are already on the website:

Although it's hard to tell from the tiny photos, the "microstripe" looks similar to the "wee" stripe as in my favorite heathered coal wee stripe. Yay!

There are also a pair of Passion/Passion Miscrostripe Knockout shorts:

Some sort of stripes or maybe a static is also showing up in the Poncho Stripe pattern:

What is that green? I know my local stores have had headbands in the green for awhile now.

Comparison of Fruity Tootie and Senorita Pink

A woman posted a photo of her Heathered Fruity Tootie Gratitude Wrap and a Senorita Boobs on a Wire Bra on Facebook to give people an idea of the difference between the two colors. I happen to have two luon items of those colors so I thought I'd post mine to help you out.  It's not the best photo but it will give you an idea of the difference. This photo was taken outside with my iPhone in late afternoon light. I love Fruity Tootie and am glad to see it back.

Senorita Pink is on the left and Fruity Tootie is on the Right

Creepy Lululemon-Related Story

There was disturbing story on Gawker yesterday regarding Lululemon pants. Here are the first couple of paragraphs of the article:

"Here's a fun hobby: Covertly filming women's butts in tight pants or leggings and posting them to YouTube. A Canadian university was recently struck by a wave of this "upskirt-lite" voyeurism. But secretly-filmed butts are all over YouTube."

"This week campus security at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia issued a warning about some pervert secretly filming female students and posting the videos to YouTube. Though news reports initially didn't link to the account, it was easy to figure out the user was one LeggingSpy. For months, LeggingSpy had stalked college girls with a video camera as they walked around wearing leggings. Then he uploaded clips with catchy titles like "A$$ Closeup: college teen girl caught wearing black Lululemon leggings spandex pants". Leggingspy's channel had over 340,000 views by the time it was shut down."

"Police and media attention seems to have driven LeggingSpy into hiding, but there are plenty of other creepy a$$ men on YouTube. (Though none appear to have LeggingSpy's in-depth knowledge of legging manufacturers.)" 

Plum Dash LS Update - Not in US GEC Yet

I got a product notice from an NYC store saying they had the Plum Dash LS (I also got a Canadian PA that said they had it, too) so I was hoping that meant it was in the GEC, too. Unfortunately, it was not.

I just had to comment on what a nice voice Ryan from the GEC has. Like most American women, I'm big on men with Australian or British accents but I'd make an exception for Ryan's cute Canadian accent.  ;-)

Could this be Ryan?

Pic - Poncho Stripe Power Y & Info About New Colors

Update - I just got a product notice from a SoCal store. The new CRB colors are:  Static Wish Blue, Static Very Violet, Haze with Charcoal (? not sure about the Charcoal part, I don't see Charcoal in the photo below), Persimmon. The new colors for Power Ys are: Persimmon with Coal, Haze, Very Violet, Multi-Poncho Stripe, Static Wish Blue, Static Very Violet.

PLUM Run Dash LS Update - I got a product alert from a NYC store, they are saying they have the Plum Dash LS in the store. That must mean it will be in the GEC soon, right? I'll have to call again. They said they didn't have it earlier today. 

Oooh, the new Poncho Stripe items are hitting the US. This is from the Bend, OR showroom. BTW, why are the showrooms getting stuff before the regular stores? Last week, the Laguna Hills showroom got the new Dash LS before the Newport store which is one of the biggest selling Lululemon stores in Southern California, if not the state.

The color code for this tank is MUPS/WSHB for Multi-poncho stripe/wish blue. I am a sucker for wide stripes. I really like it, even if it is a little beachy.

The same store also posted a photo of the new Haze CRB. I love this color. There could be other new colored CRBs under it - static wish and perhaps static very violet (thanks, ChiRunner) lilac although it looks a little dark for static lilac but not dark enough for static plum.

Today's Upload - No Plum Dash LS but Some Goodies

I'm surprised the Happy Heat tank made such a quick appearance since it only showed up in stores this week. It looks very cute on all the models but no size 12 so I won't be getting it. Even if it came in a 12, the models are showing quite a bit of cleavage so I'm afraid it might be a bit too cleavagetastic for my girls.

The other colors of the Heart Tank have shown up. The plum is definitely my favorite of the group. I really liked this tank when I tried it on and probably would get it if it came in a 12. The 10 was just a bit too snug through the belly but I may pick it up if it goes on sale.

The Static Plum Power Y made a web appearance. This is the one I bought and returned when the Power Dance Tank came out. I really like this color. I may have to buy it again.

 The Lilac Space Dye Power Y also made it's web appearance. I love this one, too.

A Scuba in one of my favorite pinks, Fruity Tootie, was uploaded. I don't mind this pink coming back at all. It's a really fun pink and works well with Persimmon.

The Dog Whisperer Pant was uploaded using the new model photo. Love the full on front and backside view! I much prefer the relaxed stance to the old firing squad version:

The eye-catching Purple Ombre Plaid Fast in Flight Bag showed up today, too. I love gym bags with wild prints.

The "This Just In Album" has not been uploaded to Facebook yet, so I will hold out hope the Dash will show up later but I doubt it. I'll keep checking. What did you get today?

New Poncho Stripe Scuba - Color Code MUPS

Showing up in the Product Alerts -so coming soon - the MUPS (I assume stands for Multi Something Poncho Stripe). Very cute.