Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Photo of the Black Dash LS

Some good photos showing the Black Dash LS have popped up:

These are paired with Coal/Lilac Inspire crops

Upload Thursday Eve Wishes

I'm going to have to put the Plum Dash LS at the top of my list for tomorrow's upload. A lot of cute items hit the stores this week and I am overspent for the month so if the Plum isn't uploaded until next week my wallet (and husband) will be glad. However, if it shows up I am definitely getting it.  What are you looking for?

Pics of New Stuff

Lululemon had this posted earlier on their Facebook site. It's the Shape Jacket. I used to have one but once I bought a Define, I sold mine. I much prefer the slightly longer length of the Define. However, I think for petite women, the Shape is a great jacket.

Space Dye Overload - I think the educators were being silly when they put this one together - Gray Space Dye Wunder Unders, Gray Space Dye Power Dance Tank, Teal Zeal Stride Jacket and matching cap

This outfit is kind of fun - Peace of Mind Vest, Cabin LS Tee, and black pique Energy Pants plus one rather expensive lulu hat.  ;-)

All Three Colors of the Happy Heat Tank

New Colors - Plum Dash LS & Static Wish Dash Tank

These have been spotted in various product alerts. I don't think they are in the stores yet but will be coming soon:

Plum Dash LS - YUM!

Static Wish Blue Dash Tank
Static Teal Zeal Dash Tank

Ooops, I guess Static Teal Zeal isn't that new since there are a few photos of educators modeling it. My local store had the static plum, static black, and static gray Dash Tanks.

More Pics of the Latest Stuff

A nice series of photos showing the same women modeling all the newest tops. She is also wearing the correct size.

For those who don't want to expose a lot of skin in the gym, the Dash tank is a fabulous choice and makes a nice change of pace from the Cool Racerback.

Word on Facebook is that the Dash LS will also come in Plum (it was spotted in a product alert email - hopefully there was a photo and not a mislabeling by the store which sometimes happens). I cannot wait for that color in running luon.

I think the Happy Heat Tank only goes to a 10 so unless it runs really big, I don't think it will work for me and the girls. That's ok, I need the money for my plum Dash LS.  ;-)

If you compare the above photos, the Dash LS definitely cuts in at the waist more than the Cabin LS. I wore my Cabin this morning and I love it. I would almost get another but they are $68. I may take the plunge yet.