Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whisper / Black Woven Scuba

When did this get uploaded to the website? It's still in all sizes in the US so it must be fairly recently. It's so cute!

Happy Heat Tank Product Alert Photos

I can't decide which Happy Heat Tank I like best, the Coal/Persimmon or the Very Violet. I am a fan multi-color tanks but this might be a little too super hero-ish for me. I guess it depends on how shy I am feeling.

Product Details:
  • Feel happy and blissful while sweating it out in this low support, hot yoga tank
  • Luxtreme™ is lightweight with inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Mid length, body skimming fit
  • Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit right for you
  • Mesh bra construction with built-in pockets for removable cups
  • Straps can be worn straight or crossed - you choose 

A real life photo - I think every real life photo I've seen of this tank looks better than the product alert photos shown above.

    New? - Dash Short Sleeve? and a New Color?

    It looks like there is a new color in the Dash, perhaps Silver?, and a short sleeve version.  Maybe I will end up getting one, after all. This is from the Walnut Creek store in Northern CA. I wonder if these will be available in the upload on Thursday.  Ok, Momof5 figured it out, it looks like this is just a colorized photo and the woman is wearing arm warmers on top of her long sleeve Dash shirt. Duh. Sorry about that. Dang, I would love a Sidewalk colored Dash LS.

    Here are a couple of photos showing the details of the Dash:

    Small circle mesh areas means the top is warm

    Tiny pieces of reflectivity - better wear your gloves and a hat if you want cars to see you

    Haven't seen the cord tunnel in awhile but it's nice to have it back.

    Try On Report - Dash LS, Dash Tank, and Cabin LS - Liked Them All!

    My store got the Run: Dash LS in in black and Teal Zeal. I really liked the top in general but I couldn't make up my mind whether or not I liked the ruffles in the back. All the educators in the store were wearing the black Dash LS and I thought the ruffles looked very cute on them but whenever I looked at myself in the mirror I couldn't decide if it was cute on me or dorky. Since I already have two solid black running luon pullovers I didn't buy the Dash today. The fit was very nice - very fitted and curved hugging. I tried pantomiming running by pumping my arms to see if I noticed the ruffles on the back and if they bugged me. I really couldn't tell there was something back there. I also pressed up against the wall to see if they would bug me if I was laying on the floor wearing this top, but again they weren't noticeable. Where they were noticeable, however, was under my Wear Will All Jacket. I wore my static WWA to the store and when I put the jacket on over the Dash LS I could definitely see the bumps of the ruffles. I also tried a Scuba on over the top to see if the ruffles showed through but the Scuba is so thick you couldn't see anything. The front of the Dash is very plain and the crew neck is not at all open. There is only a little bit of circle mesh under the armpits and four or so inches down the underside of the arm. It was a very warm top and I began to get heated when I was trying it on. This top could easily pass for street wear, the square of reflective material is at the very end of the cuff, very tiny, and could easily be covered up by pushing the sleeves up the arm.

    As I was driving home, I was trying to figure out why I didn't immediately buy this top. It came down to available colors and versatility. I already have two solid black tops and the lilac is nice but not a neutral and I am a bit afraid to get lighter colors for potential staining reasons. If this top came in coal, sidewalk, or silver I might have gotten it.  As for versatility, my primary use for running luon tops is for layering for warmth. As far as exercise, I would wear the tops for walking or hiking but running luon is so warm and the climate here in SoCal is so mild I really prefer to have a top that I can zip down or unfasten at the neck to help regulate cooling. As for using the top as a base layer, the ruffles kind of ruin it since they make lumps under thinner jackets. I also would like the top to come up a little higher at the neck to help keep my neck warm.  I would love to have a running luon version of the Run: Sport Henley from last fall, although the neck on that top was a bit too open and my neck and chest got chilled on windy walks.
    Run: Sport Henley

    Today wasn't a total loss, however, I ended up buying the black/heathered ash Cabin Long Sleeve tee. I know $68 is a lot for a cotton tee but I've paid similar amounts for long sleeve shirts by Lucky and Splendid. The Cabin is very thick, warm, comfortable, and curve hugging. It is pretty long - it went below my crotch and has the decorative stitching around the bottom hem. The neck is a crew neck but it is more open, not quite a boat neck but it might show your Flow Y straps if you want. I really like all the decorative stitching. To me it's what makes the whole shirt.

    I also tried on the Dash Tank. If you are looking for a tank that you can wear with a full support bra and/or offers more coverage for chilly studios, this one is for you. I thought it looked really cute on and the contrast seams really helped highlight your curves. The ruffles in back are very cute and I love all the static colors that it comes in. I think I am going to get the new Happy Heat tank but I will also keep my eye on this one.

    Pics - Dash LS, Dash Tank, Centered Pose Tank

    I love when the stores put up a group of photos like these. It makes it easy to see all the features at a glance. (Click to enlarge)

    Dash LS

    Dash Tank

    Cabin LS Tee

    Centered Pose Tank

    Celebs in Luluemon - Gisele and Tom

    These photos are from the spring, but I'll use any excuse to post a photo of Tom Brady:

    Tom Brady in the Pacific Beach Hoodie

    Gisele Bunchen in the Exhale Jacket, Still Pants, and Lulu Hat - I like that she wears Lululemon for her casual wear. Just like me  ;-)

    Celebs in Lululemon - Jane Fonda

    Jane Fonda in the new static Teal Zeal Inspire Pullover. I'm not sure about the bottoms, though. (Thanks, reader Shiver for spotting this.)

    Pics - Energize Pants

    I was intending on trying on the new Energize pants to compare the fit to last year's version but they only go to a 10 this year. I might try them anyway but am not sure how valid my comparison would be. Anyone buy them last year and try this year's version on yet?

    Energize in the Black Pique Luon

    Energize Pant paired with the Insight Tank

    Pics - Dash Tank and Happy Heat Tank

    When I saw this photo, I thought it was a photo of a busty gal modeling the Happy Heat Tank:

    However, here is a photo of her in the new Dash Tank and she doesn't look nearly so busty:

    My conclusion is that the Happy Heat Tank is very flattering to the bust so if you are looking to make the most of your assets, you might consider the Happy Heat Tank.

    New Fast in Flight Bag Print - Cute!

    I don't normally post much about Lululemon's gym bags but I have four of them and love them. The Fast in Flight Bag is very cute and this latest one really caught my eye: