Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lululemon - Portland Marathon Tested

This is a photo of my sister running in the Portland Marathon two weeks ago. She is wearing Run: Cross Train crops and a Lilac long sleeve Swiftly over a Power Y. She had just bought her first LS Swiftly and Lululemon running crops the night before so she had never run in them before. She was really happy with how her clothes performed for the marathon. She told me tonight that she thinks Lululemon crops fit better through the crotch area than her Nike bottoms and really likes them. She also bought a pair of Inspire crops that day and loves those, too. She said she spotted a lot of people wearing Lululemon in the marathon.

Cute Lab Shirt - Countdown Pullover

I really like this new offering from the Lab. It's the Countdown Pullover and it's $68. I like the length, the A-line, the flattering V-neck that will reveal the tank underneath, the wide band at the bottom, and the vertical seams in the back and front. I can live without the kangaroo pocket in the front and the thumbholes in the sleeves (would prefer more of a bell-shaped sleeve) but overall it's a nice top. I wish there was a Lab in LA. California's got a ton of Luluemon stores, don't we deserve a Lab of our own?  ;-)

More Pics of the New Poncho Stripe Print

A woman on Facebook posted photos of her new Wish Blue Poncho Striped Stride. I kind of like the stripe pattern but it seems like it's hitting in the wrong season. They really remind me of the beach.

What colors are you spotting? Definitely Persimmon, Kiss Pink? (or is it very violet), Mac N Cheese Yellow?, a brown?, Haze. Hmmm. Speaking of new colors, the new Power Y colors that were on the website the other have been removed - Persimmon, Haze, and Very Violet.

Pics - Hot Racer Bra - Watch Out for Nip Slips

The neckline is just a bit too open on this bra and it definitely has no extra fabric to accommodate even moderately busted ladies. The back is cute, though.

Run: Dash Longsleeve?

So, the Laguna Showroom posted a couple of pics they identified as the new Run Dash Longsleeve. I hope the Run Dash Pullover and Run Dash Longsleeve are two different tops because I really like the Pullover from the product alert:

However, this is what the Laguna Showroom identified as the Run Dash Longsleeve. I'm not really liking the ruffles at all...

The top is made of running luon and is $78.