Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Color I'd Like to See Comeback - Sangria

Instead of so much purple, a really fun red I'd love to see comeback again is Sangria.

Photos of the latest items

Express Yourself Wraps

Live Simply Tee and Energize Pant

Heart Tanks and Power Pose Crops/Pants

Power Dance Tanks and Power Pose Pant( I Think)

New Defines - Static Plum, Lilac (love this one), Teal Zeal

New Define - Static Coal and Persimmon

It's like a treasure hunt on the website today - it's tough picking out all the new stuff that is being uploaded piecemeal. Here is a new Define jacket:

Static Coal and Persimmon - not really a fan of this combo

Newest Batch of Stride Jackets Fraying, Too

Some new chatter on Facebook about how the newest batch of Stride jackets, including the brushed luon and space dye ones, are fraying like the previous batch. The above photos are taken from the Lululemon website. They are photos of the original batch of Stride jackets that had the fraying issue (colors include Lolo purple and Oasis) to show what the "fraying" issue is. Lululemon has been very good about taking them back and exchanging them but many people thought the issue was fixed with the newest release, but it seems it hasn't. Anyway, inspect your jackets closely in the store or when they arrive at your house. Some people have seen loose threads on never-worn jackets hanging in the stores. It's too bad, I kind of like the brushed Heathered Charcoal Stride but maybe I'll wait for the Define version to come out.

Today's Upload - Some Goodies

OK, the photo for the Run: Dash Tight is up on Facebook in the "This Just In" Album but I can't find it on the Lululemon site. Is it really uploaded? Did it get stuck in the wrong section? Maybe it'll show up later... Ooops, I think they are still uploading as I am writing this. The Cuddle Up Jackets just showed up and the Power Pose pants and crops. The Run Dashes are probably coming soon.

Coal Run: Dash Crop - not on the website yet

Power Dance Tank in Gray Space Dye/Coal

These were added to the website after I left the house this morning:

Awareness Wraps - Going Fast!

Cuddle Ups

I see the Poncho Stripe Scubas still have blank pictures but the new Power Y colors are still there. What did you all order?