Monday, October 11, 2010

New Tank - Centered Pose Tank

Wow, the new tank designs are arriving fast and furious. Here is the Centered Pose Tank. There is also a new Heart Tank with a sweetheart neckline. I'll try and find a photo.

The Centered Pose tank looks like a mix of a few new tanks - the bust detail of the Commit Tank and the double straps and vertical elements down the abdomen of the Insight Tank. The Insight Tank was super comfortable but I didn't like how the strap placement in the front seemed to highlight armpit fat. This tank looks like it comes up much higher in the armpits so that problem is elminated. It also looks like a comfy a-line design in the belly. The text with the photo says it's made of luon but I really hope the body is luon light because that material is so comfortable and not too hot for inside cardio workouts. All in all, it looks like a comfortable tank that wouldn't over expose someone with a larger chest. I look forward to trying it on.

Pics of New Items Including Wish Blue Dog Whisperer Jacket and Pants

I can take or leave the new Dog Whisperer Jacket design but I like that it comes in Wish Blue - it's a totally fun color. The matching pants have an inner fleece liner.

Oh, I see the D-rings are supposed to be to hold up the outer sleeve. Hmmm. Interesting. Not sure if I need that functionality but I guess it can't hurt.

The new grooves have 2" less diameter than the old model. I just love this outfit. I might have to get these Grooves to wear with my new Power Y. Good news for those who like the color but not the Power Y, there is a static plum CRB arriving in stores now.

 The new Plum Power Y on a woman with a darker skin tone - it's a flattering color for everyone.

The gray space dye is growing on me. I'd like to see it in a tank now:

More pics of the Power Dance Tank. I think my store may have gotten this in. Hopefully, I'll be able to try it on tomorrow.I'm reading this tank also comes in black and coal and the bottom part is made of sheer luon. The top part is luxtreme. I am pysched. I've been dying for a sheer luon tank every since I returned my odd-fitting Sheer Delight tank. Late fall is an odd time for such a lightweight tank but I guess it's aimed at the bikram crowd.

New - Power Dance Tank & Power Pose Crop

More pics of the Power Dance tank have shown up. There is also a new crop, the Power Pose Crop. I'd assume it's made of luon from the name but they almost look like they could be luxtreme from the photo. I tried to get a Power Dance Tank today but they weren't arriving in Santa Monica until noon and the Glendale store only had size six left so I didn't even bother driving up there. I'm sure they'll arrive in the OC soon. I am really curious to try it on. Oh yes, the new Scuba hoodies are finally arriving in Southern California now that it's cold enough. That's a bit of a joke - it's been in the 80s for the past few days. Someday fall will arrive.

Power Dance Tank and Power Pose Crop