Friday, October 8, 2010

New Print Coming Soon?

Hope you guys like this print because we have word it's coming soon on clothing:

Store Trip Report - Lots of Love for Plum, Static Plum & Lilac Space Dye!

I went to the Newport Beach store today to pick up my repaired items (unraveling hems) and it was hopping! They were quite a few things on markdown or repriced. All the Community Jackets had been repriced to $99. I thought about getting one but still think it's a bit expensive for such a plain, short, boxy jacket. I also don't like that I can't tuck the hood in so I feel a bit like I am wearing a toddler windbreaker. If it hits $50 or so, I'll get one.

Community Jackets have been repriced to $99

 $9 - Score!

The Citron Vinyasa Toques were marked down to $9 so I bought one for my sister who lives in Oregon. There were a ton of Vinyasa toques and arm warmers left. The warm spell we've had here hasn't helped sales. I think SoCal is just too warm for these items anyway.

 3-Packs of Featherlights are now $14

Three-packs of Featherlight socks were marked down to $14 so I got a pack of those, too. I really like the featherlight socks for spinning since my spin shoes are so snug and I can only wear super thin socks. The compression knee socks were also marked down to $9. They also had one random lavender plaid Flight Running Bonnet marked down to $9. I would have gotten it for my sister but I don't know if she a visor-type person.

The store also had the Run: Reflection Pullover marked down but it was only by a small amount. I want to say it was $79 or close to that. I kind of liked it when I tried it on but would only get it if it hit $30 and it was too cheap to pass up.

The Inspire Jackets were all marked down to $118. I tried it on again but don't love it and wouldn't get it unless it goes down to $60 or so.

I saw a senorita Inspire Pullover in my size for $20 off. Run Recharge Tanks and Revitalize Short sleeve shirts were marked down to $39 and $44. I really don't care for silverescent circle mesh so I wouldn't get them unless they hit the low teens. Cobra crops and Astro pants were on sale but only for $20 off or so. There were lots of running shorts on sale and I think the price was around $39-44.

I saw the new colors and I love Plum. It's definitely more of a burgundy wine color and not purplish at all. This is the kind of color that makes dark brunettes look good. The plum Scoop Neck was already sold out in some sizes, including mine. Static Plum and Lilac Space dye are also really nice colors and I had a tough time choosing between Power Ys in those colors. I saw the grey space dye in the 50 Rep bra. I think mixed with the right clothes or used sparingly on a tank it could be very sharp-looking but I don't know if I'd get an entire tank or jacket in Grey Space Dye.

Back to the choice between the Static Plum and Lilac Space Dye Power Ys. I ended up getting the Static Plum Power Y and I had to use my camera phone to help make the decision. There were three reasons I went with the plum even though I think the Lilac Space dye is more eye-catching and unique, although they are both very nice. First, the straps are the same color as the tank. In the Lilac Space Dye Power Y, the straps are much lighter than the tank and seem to fade into my skin. That gave the appearance of the tank looking more like a bustier on me. Since I am larger busted and older, I need the darker straps to kind of draw the eye upward and not focus attention on my no longer so perky bossom. The other reason I didn't get the lilac space dye version is that the pattern has very dark horizontal components and I felt it added width and that I looked "thinner" with the static plum. The third reason, is that I think I can wear the plum with more colors than the lilac space dye - black, gray, or khaki green pants and I think the lilac space dye may go best with black and maybe with coal. Anyway, I really like plum and lilac space dye and look forward to seeing what else comes in these colors.

Static Plum Power Y

Lilac Space Dye Power Y

As for the other new items and colors. The lilac long sleeve swiftly did seem to feel a bit smoother than the other colors but I don't know if it felt any thinner as some have said. It's a light color so it will definitely be more revealing.  Teal Zeal is also a bit greener than Lagoon. I'm not a huge Teal fan so I don't think I'll be getting anything in the color but you never know. Also, the sale person confirmed the leg flare of the Grooves has been changed. 

New Tank - Power Dance Tank

This is from the Glendale, CA store. I was just at the Newport Beach store this morning and they didn't have this one. The loose belly loose promising from a comfort standpoint. I don't love the back but I don't hate it either. It doesn't look particularly flattering to the women in the photo. I'll post more photos as they come out and try to find out what kind of material it's made of. I assume luon light, luxtrem, or sheer luon.