Monday, October 4, 2010

New Stuff Part 2 - Stride Jackets, Power Ys, & Swiftly Long Sleeve

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge Stride Jacket fan. It's a bit shapeless for me. I much prefer the fitted Define Jacket so I am hoping there are new Defines coming soon. Here are the newest batch of Strides:

 Stride Jacket in Coal/Lilac Space Dye, Teal Zeal/Teal Zeal Space Dye, Haze/Coal, Ash(?) Space Dye/Coal

Power Y in Lilac Space Dye - This one isn't bad. I'll have to see it in person

Lilac Long Sleeve Swiftly - So Pretty! 

There is a Long Sleeve Swiftly in Teal Zeal, too.

New Scubas in Senorita Pink/Coal and Lolo Purple/Powder Purple

New Stuff Part 1 - Scoop Necks & Push UR Limits

Scoop Neck Tanks in Teal Zeal Space Dye, Plum/Static Charcoal, Lilac/Lilac Space Dye, and solid (!) Wish Blue

Yay! The new stuff is here. I am loving the Plum. It looks more wine than purple.  I hope it comes out in some tank styles I like. I like the Scoop Neck a lot but since it's full weight luon I find it kind of hot to work out in. However, I may have to break down and get it, it's so pretty.

Push UR Limits in Teal Zeal, Lilac/Casis, Plum/Static Plum

I love the matching Grooves in the photo. Love!

Pic of Black Pinnacle Jacket & Oasis Flow and Go

Still not doing much for me.

 Sorry, no front pic available. I'll post when I find one.

More Pinnacle Jacket Pics

This girl looks really nice in the Pinnacle Jacket but, as my mom used to say, she'd probably look nice in a burlap sack.  ;-)