Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lululemon on TV: Hellcats Episode 4

Hellcats is always good for a Lululemon sighting. In last week's episode, the coach was wearing a Potion Define, what looks like a white Flow Y, and Zoom crops (I think).

New Colors - Plum, Lilac, Teal Zeal, & Space Dye is Back. Also Store Trip Report.

It's back to the future again with "new" colors in the same clothes. I love purple but after Pow Purple, Lavender, Potion, and Lolo, I am kind of purpled-out, especially since they are being offered in tops/clothes I already have a ton of. Two of the newer colors for the fall are Plum and Lilac.  The Plum is rather nice but I have enough Push UR Limits and Power Ys so unless it comes in a new top, I am going to sit it out. Ditto for the Lilac. Oh yes, it looks like Space Dye has made a comeback, too. Yay.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Push UR Limits in Plum (also comes in Lilac and Teal Zeal)

These Grooves give a good clue as to the newest colors - Plum, Lilac, Teal Zeal, Wish Blue, and Plum Space Dye

50 Rep Bra & Astro Pants in Lilac and Lilac Space Dye

Stride in Lilac and a gray space dye

Teal Zeal Space Dye Scoop Neck (yuck)

Wish Blue Power Y (again)

New Fast in Flight Tote in Teal Zeal

Store Trip Report

I went to the store today to return my Flow and Go and left with nothing which is very unusual. There were quite a few things on the markdown rack at the first cut of markdowns but nothing I wanted. I saw lots of lolo Wear With Alls, Fireside Jackets, and Cross Train Pullovers all about $20 off. I tried on the Tadasana Tank and Jacket. The tank only goes to a 10 so I was spilling out of the front and sides of it but otherwise it fit very comfortably so it must fit loose through the waist. I thought it was ok but definitely not for busty gals (the spaghetti staps cut into my shoulders under the weight of my boobs) and it will make your upper back look like a college swimmer.

I also tried on the Tadasana Jacket. It is very long. I am 5' 5" and it came to below my rear. The mesh sags down below the edge of the jacket, too, in back which gives it an odd look. I didn't have any problem with the fit of the arms or anything as I have read about. It's not a truly hideous jacket and if it hits the markdown rack for $40 or so I might get it but no way at full price.

Citron Baseball Hat & New Braided Headband

I had read on Facebook there was a Citron women's baseball hat but this is first time I've seen a photo of it. I would love it if a blue hat showed up.

Also, there is a new style headband, the Braided Headband. The US doesn't always get all the headband styles and colors so I have no idea if it will show up here. It looks kind of skinny so I don't know if it would work for me. The wider ones seem to stay on my head better.

A long time ago, there was a braided Free Spirit headband but it never came to the US. I always wanted to try it.

Free Spirit Headband - older style that never made it to the US

Pic of Citron Flow and Go Tank

Photo of the new Citron and Coal Flow and Go Tank - it's cute!