Friday, October 1, 2010

Alarming Flow and Go - So Pretty!

The Alarming Flow and Go is really pretty. It looks especially nice on this woman who has a bit of a tan.

Fit Review: Flow and Go - Not for Me

Even Mensa members may have a hard time figuring out how to put on the Flow and Go. I laid it out face down on my bed, carefully arranged the straps in my fingers, and it took me three tries before I came close to getting it right. I still had to re-position a couple of straps over my shoulders on the final try. Anyway, I really like the front of this tank - it's very cute. I found the back just too revealing for me. I don't have a broad back so that may be part of my problem. I also may be short-waisted. Those two things combined resulted a big, low gap in the back, kind of like the girl below that I just can't live with. The top gaped even when I pulled it all the way down like on the website model. The main bra support comes from the strap that goes around your neck, kind of like a bikini top. So, if having pressure on your neck bothers you (it did me) then this tank isn't for you. Overall, I thought the tank ran true to size. I didn't spill out of the front or armpits. It was just the gap in the back was too big for my dimensions and comfort level.

I really like my No Limits tank so I was excited to try the Flow and Go on. I would love it if Lululemon made a circle mesh loose-fitting tunic similar to the Lab's Sweat Once a Day tank that we could wear over our own sports bra. That would be awesome.

Sweat Once A Day