Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mindful Tank - Anyone Buy One?

Has anyone bought the Mindful Tank? There aren't any reviews of it on the Luluelmon website and I am curious to see what people say about it. I don't think this is in the stores since we haven't seen any Facebook photos of it and it hasn't shown up in any of my product alert emails. It's sold out in size 4 in a couple of colors but otherwise it's fully in-stock. If you've have it or tried it, feel free to post a review.

Celebrity Lululemon - LeAnn Rimes and Hellcats

LeAnn Rimes sporting what looks like a KnottyTank and Dance Crops. She is a big Lululemon fan.

There was more Lululemon on Hellcats last night. The coach was wearing a Potion Define, Flow Y, and Zoom crops. As soon as they upload the episode I'll post the pics.

Today's Upload - Some Goodies

Yay! The Flow and Go tank was uploaded this morning. I briefly toyed with the idea of calling the GEC to see if I could get an Oasis or Alarming but decided to go with the tried and true black since I will probably use this tank more outside the gym than inside. I was surprised to see how low the tank was worn on the model on the website. It makes sense since a lot of the facebook photos we've seen of the tank show it gaping open  in the back. Anyway, I'll get the tank late tomorrow afternoon and give my fit review then.

Flow and Go Tank

I also briefly considered ordering the Tadasana jacket but I really want to try this on first. Some people have commented that the back of the jacket bags out in back creating a turtle-shell effect. You can kind of see it in the photo of the lolo jacket on the web:

Back of jacket is bagging out in the back, creating a "turtle shell" effect

No turtle shell here

However, turtle shell or not I suspect the comfort of the jacket, with the super-breathable back will outweigh the aesthetics of it. Sometimes I leave the gym right after spin class still sweating buckets and having a jacket with a mesh back sounds just lovely. The Get Started Jacket was just a bit too short and boxy for me but the length of this jacket looks perfect for me. I'm hoping to go to the store this weekend to try it on.

A nice surprise today was the appearance of the running baseball caps showing up. The hat is adjustable and has a zipper pocket for a key or money. There are two lululemon logos on this hat - the metal plate in front and normal reflective symbol in the back. The edge of the brim is also reflective. There is no mesh in the hat however. I washed a couple of my Flight Running Bonnets and older Distance hats this weekend in the washer on hand wash cycle and they came through the wash fine. I have the purple ombre plaid hat and love it, as I do all of Lululemon's hats. When I first saw the hat in photos I was afraid it would be too loud and overwhelming but the colors are nicely muted on the gray background and I find it a nice change of pace from solid colored hats. I would love a blue hat to match with some navy jackets I have. Now that the hats have shown up I am hopeful some new mesh headbands will be here, too.

The plaid is muted by being on a gray background

This plaid was too bright for me

The newest batch of Art Hoodies were uploaded. I'm not a huge hoodie person so they don't do much for me but the embroidery is a nice change of pace. I would love to see embroidery decorate the legs or waistband of some of the cotton pants.