Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flattering Photo of the Escapade Jacket

The Escapade looks nice on this woman:

Ambassador Photo - Cool Outfit

The Ambassador photos and stories are my favorite part of the Lululemon website. The photos often have interesting outfit combinations. I love the one they came up with for this photo shoot - Mynah crops, Flow Y (I think), and the Latin Dance Top. I love the band of Passion showing beneath the Latin Dance Top and how it sets off the stripes in the crops - so cute!

Lululemon on TV: Cougar Town

A few people mentioned on facebook that they spotted the older Luluemon tank, the Salutation, on Cougar Town last night. I think they were right. It certainly looked like Laurie was wearing the Salutation. It's an odd choice because it's older but it looked great on her. Now I want one.

Salutation Tank (click to enlarge)

The Hills Pullover also made an appearance. Barb wears it just like I do - with the zipper down. You know - for cooling reasons...  ;-)

 (click to enlarge the photos)

What killed me is that they had a brown leather belt around her waist. I am dying to know what bottoms they paired it with. The Hills is so technical, I would never think of putting a leather belt around it.

Product Twins? The Israel Connection.

Patagonia Barely Hipster

 Lululemon Technithong

Last week I posted an item about Patagonia technical underwear and noted the resemblance of the fabric to the older Lululemon mesh technikini. A couple of people commented that Lululemon gets their fabric from the same Israeli factory that Patagonia does. I was checking eBay last night (as I do every day) for new Lululemon items and noted an Israel-located Lululemon seller, Spacerosee, also had Patagonia items for sale. This confirms the comments that Lululemon and Patagonia make some items in the same factory. A little poking around the web led me to discover the Israeli company is called Tefron and is a leadeing manufacturer in engineered performance fabric. Patagonia and Lululemon receive prominent mention in their roster of customers, as do Nike, Reebok, and ski brand Spyder.

It looks like the Patagonia items from that factory are from the Active line -  bras, camis and underwear. It doesn't look like there is a Patagonia equivalent of the Swiftly tees. I was poking around the Nike website trying to pick out items that look like they are made from knit fabric but it's tough to tell from the photos on the web. I think some of the Nike Pro stuff might be made from that factory. I haven't bought Nike in ages so I'll have to visit a Nike store and feel around. If anyone knows of any items by other manufacturers that might be similar to Lululemon's I'd be interested.

Nike Pro Fitted Women's Shirt ($30)

What A Crappy Upload

I wonder if a bunch of Lululemon's stuff is stuck in China because this is the second week in a row with a tiny upload. My husband will be very happy.

There was a new tank but it certainly didn't wow me. It looks very short in the front. It appears to curve up around the crotch so I'm sure it will draw attention to my poochy left-over baby belly - the parting gift of having three kids in my upper thirties in four years. I'll try it on if it shows up at the store but I wish it was longer in the front.

If you look closely, you can see the inner bra is peeping out in the back.  Not sure if this is a design issue or the model didn't pull the bra all the way down.

Hello, photographer - don't you look at the photos before you decide they are a keeper? Will Lululemon ever get a professional web design team? That would include a real fitness model, a real photographer, and some one who actually looks at the content before it goes live. Oh yes, it would be nice to have someone to do a little airbrushing. Things that look like warts on legs don't really help sell your product (click to enlarge).

The Escapade Jacket looks very boxy in the model photo. Definitely not liking it.

OTOH, it was a good night for spotting Lululemon on TV last night. I'll put a post up about it.