Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Loving My Latest Purchases - Long Sleeve Swiftly Tech & Effortless Hoodie

I don't know why it took me so long to buy a long sleeve Swiftly Tech shirt. I know the $68 price tag was an big impediment. However, after having bought four short sleeve Swiftly tech shirts over the past couple of months and found them perfect for hot days and sweaty activities I figured I'd give the long sleeve a try. I love it! The shirt has such a flattering, figure hugging fit. The sleeves are long and the body of the shirt is nice and long so you can bunch it up a bit in the middle to hide flaws. The neck hole is just open enough so it doesn't feel like it's choking you but closed enough so you don't have too much skin exposed and get chilled. The material is very light and soft against your skin. It's a great layering piece. Other than walking, I don't exercise outside much but I do spend a lot of time outdoors on the school playground or lugging chairs and equipment my kids' baseball and soccer games so I am sweating sporadically.  It's great to have a technical shirt that feels great against your skin and is breathable and wicking.  It kills me to pay full price for these since they are over $70 with tax but they sell out very quickly and never make it to markdown. I also plan to use this as a baselayer for skiing like I did with my Energy and Hills Pullovers. I have to get more of these tops. Oh yeah, as with the Swifly tees, different colors fit differently for some reason. In this latest color batch, the lolo fit the loosest, followed by the dark classic sport gray, and the senorita pink the snuggest.

The weather finally cooled enough that I got to wear my Effortless Hoodie. I am really liking it. The inside is so soft and feels great against the skin. The body is loose fitting so it's very comfortable when you are snuggled up on the couch or walking. I am hoping this gets released in more colors because I definitely want another one. I read a review on the Lululemon website where a woman said she stretched out the arms by taking it out of washer and had her husband stretch it while wet. The arms are a bit snug on me so I might try this.

More Pics- Run Ultra Pants (good fit), Personal Best SS, Cascade Jacket

A Nice Fit in the Run: Ultra Pant

Personal Best SS Tech Shirt - The fit is universally flattering - I don't think I've seen a bad photo yet of this.

The Sage Twist Pants looks really nice on this woman

Escapade Jacket - I still am not liking this very much

Another Lab Hit: Scoop Neck Tech Top - Put It Into Mass Production Now!

I am loving this!!! I would so love a simple (no stripes, no color blocking, just a flattering cut) long sleeve top made of light luon, running luon, or circle mesh. The lab has come up with a circle mesh version - the Scoop Neck Tech Top. It's $64.

Flow and Go Tank Pics

I really hope this shows up tomorrow:

Pics and Musings About Upload Thursday

I'm thinking the Run: Ulta pants must run small because these aren't the first photos I've seen of educators modeling what appears to be the wrong size. I think people get attached to the size on the tag.

Here is a photo of a solid colored Escapade Jacket. I'm still not a fan of the length. If you have hips/thighs, this jacket will not do you any favors.


Upload Thursday

What are you hoping for in tomorrow's upload? I would say the Flow and Go Tank but I haven't seen it pop up in any US Facebook photos or my product alert emails so I don't think it will show up. I am still waiting for the Lolo, Coal, and Citron Mesh Headwraps to show up in the US. As usual, I would love a surprise tank - a technical tank in heathered amazon would be awesome!