Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Pics of New Stuff

There's not a ton of new stuff out right now. There's a lot of older stuff in new colors but here's some photos of the few new things. I hope there will be a lot more new stuff coming soon. It's getting to be Christmas shopping season.

It looks like the Energy Short Sleeve is back, although with words on it. Again. I am psyched because I hope that means the sleeveless Energy will be back, too. It also looks like this might be that new heathered amazon greenish color. I am excited if there will be new technical tops in green. I would love a Cool Racerback in this color. A heathered amazon Swiftly would be really pretty, too.

The jacket on the left is the new Escapade Jacket. I think I like the artist drawing better. Not sure if I really like the two-tone - it seems to shorten her.

The Lolo Tadasana Jacket looks really nice on this woman. I am going to have to try it on. It's going to take some doing to get me to buy a summer jacket in the fall.

Here is another photo of the Flow and Go. It has a big gap in the back, too. Has anyone seen this in the US yet?

Here are the "new" colors of the CRBs. I think pretty much every color but River Rock has been out already. Would love to see some really new colors like heathered Amazon.

Power Purple, Senorita, Lolo, River Rock