Friday, September 17, 2010

Try On Report: Inspire Jacket, Alignment Pant, Personal Best SS, Sage Twist Pant, Reflection Pullover, Insight Tank, The Bust Stops Here Bra

I tried on the Inspire Jacket today. There were a lot of things I liked about it but the fit did seem a bit tight in the shoulders and upper back, even in the upper arms. Since I would be using it as a to and fro jacket for the most part, the fit would probably be ok for me. I also can't say I am a huge fan of the static black luxtreme used at the cuffs and around the neck. I would have much preferred if they used a solid colored luxtreme the same color as the jacket like in the Community Jacket. I love the watch-window opening they put in the cuff for your heart rate monitor or GPS, however, they should put one on the right arm for lefties. I also would prefer the outer sleeve to go all the way to the wrist and have the luxtreme portion as something you pull out when it's cold. The inner luxtreme sleeve adds a lot of unnecessary bulk to that area of the jacket.  I really liked the outer material, Glyde. It was light weight and seemed less stiff than the Swift material. It also has a tiny bit of a sheen to it.  I hope to see more jackets in this material. I loved the inner ipod pocket inside the zip pocket and the cord tunnels. The front zip pockets and the rear pocket were very roomy and positioned so they were easy to get to. I love that you could stow the hood away, although it made for a lumpy collar. The asymmetrical zipper is interesting but I don't think it's especially flattering on when you have it zipped up. There were a lot of things I loved about this jacket but for $158 I've got to love everything about it. However, if it does go on markdown I might consider getting it. I tried on all three colors and liked the Lolo and Black the best. The Senorita seemed a little too orangey to me so it was my least favorite.

I tried on the Alignment Pant and they were fine. I thought they fit true to size. The fit was nice and they are a little dressier than Lulu Pant II or the Dance Sweat Pants. I like the new formulation of organic cotton - it seems softer than the old version. Even though the pockets take up a lot of space on the front of the pant, the actual pocket part is rather small. I pretty much pay Lululemon prices for technical wear only so I don't get that excited by the organic or french cotton pants and I won't pay full price for them. However, if these go on markdown I might consider them.

I liked the Personal Best SS tee a lot. I thought the fit was flattering, feminine, true to size, and the mid-section is roomy. The neck is more of a boat neck rather than the square shape shown above so your bra straps will show. I'm not sure how that neck would be for running, but for a lightweight, wicking, breathable short sleeve shirt for bootcamp or the gym, it's really nice. I personally don't care for the look of the honeycomb pattern of the silverescent circle mesh fabric but it is a nice technical shirt.

I was finally able to try on a pair of the Sage Twist Pant. I tried on the lolo waistband version (the one in the middle) but I didn't like them as much as I thought. First, the fabric felt like the thinner luon I've found in some styles of Grooves and the Astro pant. (I know Lululemon denies there are differences in luon but I have a lot of black luon and these felt different.) I thought the pants fit a little tighter through the thigh than the Groove but overall the fit was similar to the Groove. I didn't like the wide waistband as much as I thought I would. It seemed the wide band of color hit at a spot on me so as to emphasize the width of my hips and thighs rather than draw the eye away. YMMV but that is what I thought of them on me.

I tried on the black Run: Reflection Pullover and kind of liked it. It was very roomy through the upper back and shoulders which was a nice change from the Inspire Jacket. However, and this is a big however, it is really, really short. When I pulled it down it came to the top of my hip bones (I am 5'5") but with motion I could tell it was ready to ride up to my waist. I also don't care for the extra long cuffs but they weren't that noticeable in the black. If this went on significant markdown, I would consider getting it as a to and fro jacket or to use somewhere where I wouldn't be moving much like at a ball game. For petite women, this jacket is probably perfect.

I tried on the Bust Stops Here bra in a 38D and a 36DD but it wasn't quite right. I probably need a 38DD or even E (and I'm no E). I thought the bra wasn't that bad looking on and gave a better more natural shape to the breast that the Ta Ta Tamer. However, Lululemon bra sizing is a world of it's own. You are going to have to try a bunch on to get a good fit because you can't go by what you have been buying by other manufacturers. I think both the band and cup sizes run small. When I did a bounce test there was a lot of motion so the more supportive brands like Enell and Moving Comfort have nothing to worry about. I think power luxtreme is too stretchy for use in the cups in large breasted women. We need to lock the girls in.

I tried on the Insight tank and found it to be very comfortable and roomy in the midsection. The straps are made of stretchy elastic and give no support so if you are busty you will need to wear another bra underneath if you doing anything above low impact. I also didn't care too much for how the tank looked between the strap and the armpit on me - it just seemed to showcase armpit fat. If the straps were adjustable and I could pull the tank up more to cover this area, it wouldn't be such a problem but the weight of my boobs pulled the tank down and made it more of an issue.

I ended up going home with the Lolo Swiftly long sleeve tee. I don't have one of these yet and it is a great basic. Of the three new colors, lolo, dark classic sport gray, and senorita, I thought the lolo fit the loosest followed by dcsg and then the senorita. The lolo was the prettiest, imo. It killed me to pay $68 for this but these tops don't go on markdown and sell out quickly.

New Tank - The Flow and Go

The Flow and Go looks like a tweaking of the No Limits style tank - a bra with a circle mesh tunic attached.  It's good to see it on multiple body types because I really like it on the woman in the photos above but not so much on this lady:

The front part is nice but the back gaps a bit too much for me. It is a sexy tank, though and I am looking foward to trying it on. So far, it is only in stores in Canada. I was just at the Newport Beach store today and they didn't know anything about it. It comes in solid black and this white version.