Sunday, September 12, 2010

CNBC Report on Lululemon

Here is a brief video report on Luluelmon. There were two interesting points made - 1) there were more sell than buy recommendations and 2) analysts were worried about high inventory levels.

(I don't believe for a second the reporter buys her yoga clothes at Walmart unless CNBC pays really sh!tty)

Cute Top from the Lab - Overlap Tank

The Lululemon Lab is just knocking them out of the park lately. This is the Overlap Tank made of Vitasea on the bottom and power mesh on top. $54.

A small amount of black power mesh goes a long way. This is functional and sophisticated. The mesh is a little naughty but not full-on Fredericks of Hollywood like the back of the static black CRB (I forgot to write that the pink was not nearly as lingerie-y looking as the black).

Lululemon on TV - Hellcats (Tons of Lulu!)

I admit I'm a bit out of the CW network's target demographic but I really, really like Vampire Diaries ( No, I am not a Twilight freak but I do love True Blood) and I read that Hellcats had some Lululemon in it so I watched the pilot last night on-line. The story and writing weren't too bad and the cast was very easy on the eyes (it must be a CW requirement). As a bonus, there was quite a bit of Lululemon in it. The show is about a bunch of college cheerleaders so I assume there will be lot's more Lululemon in the future. The cheerleader coach is the one who wore Lulu exclusively so I look forward to spotting more. What was really fun is that the wardrobe designer put together some very cute colorful outfits for her to wear. I was very excited to see a No Limits tank because I think this is one of Luluemon's most unique and stylish technical tanks. They also had the character wear crops from the running line which is a little unusual (since she didn't run in them) and they paired them with non-running tops. I can't believe how much Lululemon is showing up on TV lately. (Click on the photos to enlarge)