Thursday, September 9, 2010

Effortless Pant and Senorita Swiftly Pics

I am still liking the look of the Effortless Pant. I know we had a discussion in previous posts about too tight clothes but in the case of the french terry it does loosen up a bit with wear so I can see starting off with a fit on the tighter side.

I believe this is the true color of the Senorita Pink Swiftly tee. The website makes it look a lot more muted than it is in real life. It turns out the Senorita Pink Swiftly does look like the one on the website. Too bad, this one is pretty. I believe people complained about bleeding with previous batches of senorita pink swiftly items so wash it before wear and don't wear with a white bra, jacket, or hoodie until you have tested the color fastness. The lolo purple one might bleed, too. I know my Potion Purple Swiftly tee bled on a white bra (not a lot - just under the armpits) when I first wore it.

The seams on the back of the Inspire crop help create an optical illusion of a smaller backside. I must try these on!

Minor Website Rant (Again)

So, does anyone actually look at the photos Lululemon throws up on the web? This is your face to the world, yet you are putting photos like these up there:

Aren't these shorts too tight? They are pulling in the front and hugging the thighs. These look like they would bunch up as I moved in them. 

Shouldn't they fit more like this? Pretty much every jogger I see wearing these style shorts wears them like this:

You also use too extreme an angle in the model poses. For instance, the Inspire pullover has some great seams in the back that give the illusion of a narrow waist. You would never know it from a photos like this,

I know I made fun of you for using the deadly-dull firing squad pose:

but something a little more natural (and sassy) like shown below would be a lot more helpful to get an idea of what the clothing looks like. We're not going to be approaching people at 30 degree angles when we wear our Lululemon. We need to know how it looks in a face-on and back view.

Thanks for listening.

My Wallet Was Safe Today - How About Yours?

I know quite a few anticipated items showed up today - the Inspire Pullover for one, but since I am waiting for another running luon pullover I passed and my bank account remains intact. However, if I had a money tree in the backyard this is what I would have ordered:

I love this hot pink vest - so girly! Too bad I don't live in a cold enough climate. The color looks a bit more muted than we have seen in the real life photos:

I might have also ordered the new Senorita Inspire. However, I am going to wait for a solid black version to show up. I remember last year I didn't like the first batch of Hills Pullovers because I thought they were too busy-looking with contrasting racing stripes across the chest and decorative seaming all over. The subsequent batch of Hills came out in solid colors. I already have a few running luon pullovers so I can afford to wait.

There's a lot going on in this top - stripes everywhere, blocks of color. Solid version, please!

I kind of like this and the black Modern Long sleeve top. However, why are there thumbholes in this? Luluemon has gone thumbhole crazy. Also, $58 is a lot for a long sleeve cotton tee and I think I can get a similar looking tee for less money. Now that I see it close up the print also has a snake-skin look to it.

Ugh, the Swell Jacket looks yucky on the model. However, it is probably a practical jacket to have in my closet so I will consider it when it hits loot for $30 or so.  ;-)

Personal Best Singlet and Mesh CRB - Fail

I am not liking where the seams hit under the bust on this tank at all. When will Lululemon get back to making pretty running tops again?  (BTW, Is the model pregnant? She looks it in the top photo)

I am not liking this look too much, either.

The pink mesh seems less see-through than the black.

Funny Review of the Awareness Tank

I was looking through the Tanks pages trying to figure out what has been uploaded and found this funny review of the Awareness Tank. Click on it to make it bigger.