Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pics of New Stuff - Inspire Pullover Details, Tadasana Pant, Sage Twist Pant

Photo showing the real life color of the Inspire pullover. Think I am liking the static black best.

The next set of photos will help you compare how your backside will look in Sage Twist and Tadasana pants. I must try the Sage Twist on.

Sage Twist Pant

The same girls in the Tadasana pant

Tadasana Pant

Do you think these girls felt ridiculous modelling these?

Audrey Jacket a Hit

How funny, the Audry Jacket is already sold out on the Canadian side of the website but all the sizes are still in stock on the US side. The US side is catching up with the Canadian -several sizes of the Coal version are sold out. I think it's a cute jacket but I could get something similar for less money elsewhere.

The Peace of Mind vest already sold out on the Canadian side and a couple of sizes are sold out in the Citron on the US side. I think it's harder to find a cute down vest although I have seen some very cute North Face ones around. The North Face has been making a lot more stylish stuff since they got bought out by VF.

Inspire Pullover Has Hit Southern California Stores!

This is from the Santa Barbra store but I am hoping it hits my local store soon. I am kind of hoping for a solid black so I can wear it to my son's soccer games and other outdoor stuff and not look so "sporty".

  • Be smart & layer up for your chilly morning runs!
  • Made from super soft running luon® with inherent quick wicking performance
  • Anti-stink mesh paneling in high sweat areas for ventilation
  • Thumbholes keep sleeves down, and cuffins keep hands warm!
  • Secure zip pocket for cards, keys & sport snacks
  • Extra music pocket with cord guide
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Colors:  Heathered Grey w/ Blk features, Heathered Purple, and another mystery color! (?)  heathered senorita pink
  • $99 
Heathered Senorita Pink sounds pretty. As soon as I find a photo I will post it.

    Harem Pant and Awareness Tank - for those schlumpy days

    Reader M made a photo of the Awareness Tank and Harem pant to give you an idea of how it would. Although, I think this lady would be about 6'3" tall. Too funny.

    Today's Upload - No Surprises :-(

    No running pullovers added this week. Maybe that means they will hit the stores first. I am hoping. They have to be coming soon.

    OMG, the Harem Yoga pant (photo below) is ridiculous. They should have just put it straight into Loot for $24 and even then there'd be few takers.

    My favorite item from today's upload is the Sage Twist pant. They look very flattering on the model which is unusual because the angle the photos are taken at usually make her look like she has a big ass and short legs (especially the 3/4 rear view) even though I'm sure she's a 5'10" size 4. I really like the higher rise and wide waistband of these pants - they give a nice shape to her backside. I'm on the fence whether to order a pair or wait to try it on at the store.

    Oh, how funny. I was just looking at the different colors trying to decide what to order and here is a photo of the black:

    The rise hits her differently than in the coal version. By looking at the feet, I think there are at least two different models wearing these pants. Hmmm, the model in the coal looks the best in these pants. I think I will wait to try these on at the store. I wear crops to the gym 95% of the time anyway.

    Sweater Scuba - Fun but pricey at $128

     Peace of Mind Vest

    I love this but it's total overkill for Southern California.

     Audrey Jacket - Love This but so expensive!


    Pics of New Stuff - Lolo Swiftly Tee (Gorgeous!), Insight Crop, Harem Pants, & a Little Rant

    Pic of the Swiftly Tee in Lolo Purple - it's just gorgeous. It looks a lot like the Bold Blue except a tiny bit darker. If you order it, be sure to wash it first or wear it with a black bra. My Potion Purple one ran a bit when I first wore it (without washing it). I would love a long sleeve version of this.

    Great Montage of the Insight Crop

    This girl is working the Harem Pant but I'm still not feeling it. Loot-city.

    Rant of the day - Hey Lululemon - How come all my product alerts showed the Clam Digger only up to a size 10? Why are you dissing the 12s again? I can see not wanting to offer booty shorts like the Eagle in larger sizes but the Clam Digger is a pretty conservative design. If you are offering the Clam Diggers on the web in a 12 I might forgive you.

    More Cute Items from the Lab

    The Luluemon Lab just posted new pics of it's latest stuff and they have some winners. Whoever is coming up with these ideas needs to go to corporate and design for the main lines. These are cute, wearable, and functional. OTOH, the person who came up with the Awareness and the crew who green-lighted it for mass-production should be demoted to the stock-room.

    Mesh Racerback - $52

    I love my circle mesh CRB and the color blocking on this tank is done in an interesting way. The only thing that would make this tank absolute perfection is the addition of an exterior pocket for my nano. I wish there was a way to order directly from the lab.

    Black and White Version of the Spin Me Tee (click the link to see more photos of this top)

    Lotus Tunic - $64

    I totally love this. It looks so comfy and cool. The Lotus Tunic is made of Vitasea. Maybe Lululemon will put this into production for next summer.

    Somehow I must convince my husband we need to make a trip to the Pacific Northwest for vacation so I can visit the Lab.