Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pics of New Stuff - Effortless Hoodie

The Effortless Hoodie does look a little tight in the arms but I'd like to see it one size up on her. The hoodie is much looser on the lululemon model. I think you really need to go for the oversized, boyfriend look for it to look right. I am getting bummed because I think mine is not going to fit right. I will let you all know tomorrow.

 Photo of the newest Scuba Hoodies - Silver, Lolo, Senorita Pink, Senorita Pink & Black Woven

Great Close up of the Senorita Pink / Black Woven Scuba Hoodie

This photo shows the detail on the new SE CRBs

The previous version of the dual-tone Special Edition Cool Racerbacks used Power Mesh around the neck holes and arm holes but the new ones are all light luon. The layered effect is very subtle and best appreciated from close up. It's a cute look and saves you the bother of layering your own.

 The brisk ear warmer is already sold out on line but you may be able to call the GEC and have them find one for you. I kind of like it but it never gets cold enough here to need ear protection even though I have seen people at Disneyland wearing ear muffs in our brutal 50 degree winters. My husband and I grew up back east so we smirk at the thin-blooded natives.

Lolo Define - Special!   (~_^)

New Wunder Groove Crop

New Groove pants - I love the lolo/power purple ones

New Astro Pants

Today's Upload - Effortless Hoodie - Love!

Effortless Hoodie

I'm not a huge hoodie or jacket person but I like the look of this hoodie and ordered the heathered lolo one. I might have ordered the black one but my size was already sold out!  Also, I think the unfinished edges show up best in the lolo and it looks a little like denim. I hope it isn't too purple in person. There is lots of poo-pooing on the facebook site this morning (although sizes are already selling out an hour after the upload!) and people saying they prefer the Flashback Pullover to the Effortless. I much prefer the look of the Effortless - it has a straight fit all the way down and I really like the unfinished edges. I also like the open v-neck over the weird neck of the Flashback pullover.  My only complaint is the stamped logo. I think the logo should be embroidered on all french terry pieces but I do like the distressed look.

 Flashback Pullover

Feel the Love Pullover

I also ordered the Lolo Push UR Limits but am not sure if I will keep both this and the hoodie. I already have three Push tanks and one is the Potion Purple so I don't really need this one.

What did you all order today?

Update - New Effortless Hoodie Colors Added - Static Mid Gray/Static Dark Gray Combo and solid Static Mid Gray. I like the combo one but I have a Remix Light that is a similar combination of classic sport gray and dark classic sport gray so I won't change my order.

Static Mid Gray/ Static Dark Gray - cute!

Static Mid Gray