Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pics of Stuff - Mesh CRB, White Define,

The Canadian stores are starting to get the SE Circle Mesh CRBs in so I hope we'll get them soon, too. This is a good photo of the white mesh CRB that shows how sheer it is/isn't. I wouldn't mind getting the pink one but I am afraid it might be too see through so I am hoping it comes to the stores so I can try it on.

There is a new white stride out now. I don't really care for the gauntlet-style color blocking at the wrist. I guess it helps with trying to keep a white jacket cleaner looking in that area.

The Vinyasa scarf is huge. This style of wearing it reminds me of a baby sling.

I'm still not digging the Vinyasa hat. The style is too masculine and it reminds me a little of Dopey:

When I say Lululemon's hat is too masculine, I mean guys typically wear the more pointed slouchy hats:

More feminine slouchy hats look more like this:

These slouchy hats are super cute but would fall off if you tried to run in them.

Lululemon on TV - Rizzoli and Isles

I have to give the credit to my husband for spotting this. He was looking to tape golf yesterday morning and caught the opening scenes of this show. The opening few 5-10 minutes of the latest Rizzoli and Isles on TNT featured this lululemon outfit - an Angel Blue Push UR Limits and a Coal and Angel Mynah Jacket. The crops match, too, but I couldn't tell what they were. By the markings at the bottoms they are most likely Half Moon crops. Sorry for the crummy photos but I couldn't find any screen captures of the show so I had to take a photo of my tv screen with my iPhone. Even though this show was on the lame side, I've added it to my Tivo list so I can spot more lululemon when it shows up again.