Friday, August 13, 2010

Pics - Scuba Shaped Hoodie, Groove Crop, Revitalize Tank and more

Scuba Shaped Hoodie

The Scuba Shaped Hoodie is really odd looking from the side - waist high in back and has a flap in the front. Jackets that end at the waist make you look thinner from the back but functionality wise I'm kinda stumped. Hmmm.

I've come to the conclusion that the Community Jacket will look good on you if you are thin, but if you are not, it does not do you any favors. However, this may be a jacket that you buy for function and not fashion.

The Revitalize Singlet is still not doing it for me in the pics - it's just too dull and shapeless in the front. I hope this isn't supposed to replace the I Just Wanna Run and the Energy SL. Those are so much cuter and interesting to look at.

Vinyasa Scarf

New Groove Crops - love this band of colors with a bunch of old (mostly) favorites - Power Purple, Oasis, River Rock, Senorita Pink and Lolo Purple

Got My New Cool Racerbacks - Some Comments

I got the cool racerbacks I ordered and have a few comments. The static lolo is very pretty and soft. However, I think the tank is larger than my other cool racerbacks in the same size. I laid my older ones on top of the new one and the static lolo one is almost an inch wider all the way down. I thought it felt and looked looser on. Have any of you noticed this with your static cool racerbacks? I think I am going to have to try on the next size down in this color.

I also bought the Circle Mesh Cool Racerback in Wish Blue. It fit the same as my black mesh one - slightly snugger feeling than a regular Cool Racerback. I cannot wait to wear this to the gym. I hope Lululemon continues to bring out new Circle Mesh CRBs. I held my Bold Blue All Sport Bra, which is made of luxtreme, up to my new Wish CRB and the color was identical. Do any of you have both Wish and Bold Blue items? Did you find the color to be identical?

 I did not get  a chance to go to the stores today but I will have an opportunity tomorrow.

Photos - Community Jacket, Power With Short, & More

The best "real life" photo I've seen of this jacket yet. Maybe this jacket only looks best on the very slender. It definitely looks best when paired with tighter fitting bottoms rather than the matching Community Pants, which is how we've seen it thus far.

This photo shows how nicely Static Lolo Purple and solid Lolo Purple look together. This is the CRB paired with Boogie Shorts.

Photo of the Ultra Pants showing some of the design details. These are the Lolo ones.

 Close Up of the Pencil Sketch Print

Great photo showing the Wear With All from all angles

Close up view of Static Alarming

Details of the Power Within Short

Power Within Short