Sunday, August 8, 2010

Static Lolo Purple?

Reader Luvlulu spotted new CRB colors in her northern California store - static alarming and static lolo purple.
Luvlulu - Is this Static Lolo purple? Does this look like the CRB you saw? This is the one with the mesh back from the Sneak Peak video, but if I had to guess at the name of this color, I would definitely call it Static Lolo Purple.

New Mesh Headwrap Colors

New Mesh Headwraps are in the stores. I hope we get these. I have been looking for a Coal headband forever. I am so glad to see new colors in my favorite type of headband.

Untwisted Headbands

Latest Ebay Purchase - Free Ya Tank

The Free Ya Tank was out last summer and I tried it on a few times and liked it but never bought one. Funny enough it came in colors very similar to this season - Torrid, Oasis, and Lolo Pruple. I recently bought a Torrid one from Ebay and I love it - it's super comfortable. It has a very low scoop back with straps that are adjustable via hooks. I have been wearing the straps crossed for more support. The straps are wide, comfortable and supportive. It offers good coverage for bustier women and the support is medium. It's very roomy in the tummy area. I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled on Ebay for more.

  • Free 'ur back with this wide scoop back tank
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Low/medium support tank w/ built-in bra
  • Adjustable strap that comes with it's own pocket to keep u'r strap inside u'r tank
  • Bra has pockets for cups

More Swiftly Shorts, Run Fast Shorts, and Modern Tee

I don't know how practical the Swiftly shorts are, but they look super soft. I guess they'd make an expensive pair of pajama bottoms but I am tempted to buy them just for that. They're at my local store so I'll have to try them on.

Run Fast Shorts

Modern Crew Neck Tees

These have a masculine design about them when you see them hanging on a hanger. I wonder how they'd look on a more curvy figure. If I find a more endowed woman wearing this, I'll post it.