Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photo of Lolo Ombre Plaid Baseball Cap


Sharp-eyed reader, Zanna, noticed that this baseball hat is different from the previous version. This one has a zipper pocket, logo in the back instead of the front, and no ruching in the back. Here are photos of a black hat in the new style:

This hat was called the Women's Running Baseball cap in my product alert but in the facebook page they called it women's running hat so I'm not sure that the official name is.

Here are photos of the baseball hat from a couple of months agon:

New - Swiftly Short

I don't have any other info other than a name and a photo. As soon as I find something, I'll post it.

Run Fast Crop in Real Life

The description says mid-rise but these look a bit low to me. Maybe it's just the fit on this girl. Anyone try them yet?

Design Idea - Power Luxtreme Crops in Groove and Boogie Cuts

One of my favorite pair of crops is the Hills crops. They are luxtreme on the front of the thigh, luon in the back, and have a circle mesh panel down the side of the thigh and super comfortable. They are awesome to wear for spinning. One reason I like them is that they are not that compressive or super tight at the leg opening. I know Lululemon tried to address this with the Run: With It crop but it often looks odd at the bottom:

They kind of remind me of knickers from Colonial Times.  Since luxtreme is so wicking and great for hot weather or super sweaty workouts, I wonder why Lululemon doesn't make luxtreme versions of the Groove Crops or Boogie crops. From the reviews I've read, lots of people use the luxtreme running crops for physical activities other than running. I think it's worth a trial run to see if people would take to buying luxtreme versions of their other core crops. I know I would get them in a second. I wear luxtreme crops 100% of the time I go to the gym if I am going to be duty heavy duty cardio.

Today's Upload - Canada got all the goodies today

Lots of stuff we have seen before but it seems like Canada got the cutest color combos and all most of the new Wear With Alls!

Coal Pencil Sketch Wear Will All - Canada Only - Boo!

Classic Sport Gray Wear With All - Another Canada Only Item

How disappointing that Canada got all most of the new Wear With Alls today. I hope that the US will be getting these soon. Maybe there'll be a mid-week upload with these to the US side. There was an upload on Friday - more colors in the Run: Fast crop, the Cross Train Pullover, and the Charcoal WWA was added. One can hope. I know there are ladies on the Facebook page, aka "Lulu Angels" who will order things for US people so if you are desperate to have these items now you can use them but I am sure these jackets will show up in the US eventually.

Run: Cross Train Pullover in Black - yet another Canada-only color now on US

OK, I liked the Run: Cross Train Pullover well enough in Oasis and Alarming and the Static Stripe but the black is the one that tempts me the most. Good thing, it's only in Canada right now or I might be getting it.

Run: Fast Crop - black only for US now here in the other colors

I am very tempted to order these new running crops. I like the length and the lines remind me of my favorite Passion crops. They also go up to a 12, which I am very happy to see. The Canadian side got the Alarming and Oasis but we only got the black. That's ok by me because I tend to buy black only. I wonder if the ribbing at the knee allows more give because of the mesh in the back. I find the crops that have mesh in the back feel more restrictive on my leg than the ones that are all luxtreme.

Modern Crew Neck

The Modern Crew Neck looks a bit loose to me. I wonder if you have to size down in this.

Smooth Moves Thong

The new Smooth Moves Underwear was uploaded but only in a thong. Thongs and spin class don't go together well so I'm passing on these.

Untwisted Headband

This is the new heaband that is circle mesh on one side and luon on the other. There is a logo on both sides so you can reverse it. I might get one to try it.

Skinny Satin Pirouette Headband

Another very cute headband option - the Skinny Satin Pirouette Headband. This is very cute. I wish the Pirouette worked for me but I find them tight on my head.

So, what did you all order today? I think I am going to hold off for now. I was hoping for the black Scuba hoodie and I know I can call the GEC but I am waiting to see what new tanks pop up and for items in Lolo purple.