Monday, July 26, 2010

Same Outfits Modeled by Different Sizes

Coal/ Citron Scoop Neck tank with Matching Inspire Crops on a size 10/12

Same outfit on a smaller size

I'm not a huge fan of the Citron Ombre Track and Field jacket but it looks really sharp paired with the matching Inspire crops. This is the same size 10/12 girl. I think the stripes are slimming on her.

I love this combo of the Alarming Push UR Limits with the Coal Scuba and coal pants.

The Commit tank definitely looks better on a bustier women. The constrasting lines around the breast just emphasize the lack of a bust on less-endowed women. Lucky for them, they have many more choices of more flattering tanks.

First real life pic of the coal static stripe Scoop Neck tank. If I find a better photo I'll post it.

Fouette tank on a size 10

Fouette with matching Reverse Groove shorts

Alarming Define on a size 10/12

Polocrosse pant in black denim - Has anyone tried these on?

Comparison of the old and new Run: Swiftly Racerback 

This outfit is so cute -  50 Rep bra with matching Speed shorts

Pics - New Wear With All Print, Commit Tank, Track and Black Field Jacket

Wear With All

It looks like new Wear With All prints will be arriving soon. This is a bad photo but the print looks similar to that of the pencil sketch citron scuba hoodie. As soon as I find a better photo, I'll post it.

Commit Tanks

Black Track and Field Jacket

Dance Crop - Static Charcoal

Push UR Limits - The oasis looks more blue than it is in real life

Commit Tanks